Colt Adds the New CBX Rifle and Several Revolvers to Its Catalog

Colt took the NRA Show by storm by introducing a new series of rifles under the CBX line and several revolvers, including the reintroduced Colt Viper, Grizzly, Kodiak, and 8-inch Python revolvers.

colt cbx rifle
The Colt CBX Tac Hunter and Precision rifles have an MSRP of $999 and $1,899, respectively. [Colt Manufacturing]
The new Colt CBX Tac Hunter and CBX Precision bolt-action rifles are setup for mid-range hunting and competition in mind. Each rifle is chambered in 6.5 Creedmoor and takes a five-round AICS Magpul magazine. Both features button-rifled 1:6 twist threaded barrels to stabilize any conceivable 6.5mm projectile. The Tac Hunter wears a 22-inch barrel and is housed in a gray polymer stock, while the Precision rifle uses a gray aluminum chassis and has a longer, heavyweight 26-inch barrel.

The Colt Viper was originally an aluminum-framed six-shot revolver chambered in .38 Special and made in very small numbers. The Viper is back as a slimmer and trimmer King Cobra. It is an all-stainless steel revolver with walnut square-butt grips and a half-lug barrel. It wears shallow fixed sights with a replaceable front ramp and a rear notch in the receiver. The Colt Viper is chambered for six rounds of .357 Magnum and will come with either a 3-inch or a 4.25-inch barrel. These new carry-friendly models come from Colt for $999.

colt viper
Colt is also adding several .357 revolvers to its lineup. [Colt]
The Colt Grizzly and Kodiak revolvers are back, and as the names imply, wilderness work is their mantra. The Grizzly is built on the Python frame and holds six rounds of .357 Magnum. Aesthetically, it has the same heavy under-lugged barrel, cylinder release, and adjustable sights as the Python. But the Grizzly has weight added to the rear with an unfluted cylinder and overmolded Hogue grips, as well as a ported 4-inch barrel for maximum control and comfort when firing full house Magnum rounds.

The Kodiak Brown Bear is a bit larger than the Grizzly but is otherwise hard to tell. The same goes for the Colt Grizzly and Kodiak revolvers. The Kodiak weighs in at 44 ounces unloaded, only three ounces heavier than the Grizzly. But the Kodiak is built on the Anaconda frame and chambers the bear-worthy .44 Magnum cartridge. Like the Grizzly, the Kodiak shares the same grips, an unfluted cylinder, and porting–all features that aid in taming the .44 Magnum. Both the Kodiak and Grizzly have an MSRP of $1,599.

colt python 8 inch
The Colt Python 8-inch is available with the traditional polished stainless finish and wood grips or a matte finish and Hogue rubber grips. [Colt]
In addition to these new offerings, Colt has expanded their Python line. For dedicated handgun hunters and silhouette shooters, check out the new 8-inch Python. It features the same adjustable rear sight, red ramped front sight, and a fully under-lugged ribbed barrel. The eight-inch barrel brings the revolver’s overall weight to 51 ounces, which makes it stable for long-range shooting while just light enough for holster carry. The 8-inch Python is chambered in .357 Magnum and is all stainless steel in construction. However, you can take your pick between a brushed or matte finish and either walnut grips or an over molded Hogue grip like what is available on the Grizzly and Kodiak. The matte version has an MSRP of $1,299, while the traditional model is $1,499.

Terril is an economic historian with a penchant for all things firearm related. Originally a pot hunter hailing from south Louisiana, he currently covers firearms and reloading topics in print and on his All Outdoors YouTube page. When he isn't delving into rimfire ballistics, pocket pistols, and colonial arms, Terril can be found perfecting his fire-starting techniques, photographing wildlife, and getting lost in the archives.

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