CMR-30/PMR-30 Extended Base Pads


Tandemkross is well known in the Kel-Tec fandom. They make upgrade accessories for many of Kel-Tec’s firearms. They recently have come out with an extended base pad for the PMR-30 magazine. Since the CMR-30 rifle uses the same magazine these will work for that as well.

PMR30 with base pad


The extended base pad design is similar to the Magpul AR15 magazine Ranger tab and Glock mag speedplates.

As an owner of a PMR-30 and CMR-30 these extended base pads look like they will work well. The magazine release on those guns is at the heel of the grip and the magazines do not drop free. The factory base plate has a little protrusion at the front of the magazine which helps the shooter to pull the magazine out. Now with this larger loop it will be easier to pull the magazine out expecially if there is a malfunction. The added length of the extended base pad also helps with insertion of the magazine. If you look closely you can see at the rear of the extended base pad that there is material that blocks the bottom of the magazine release, thereby helping to reduce the possibility of accidental magazine release.



mag base pad


The magazine extended base pads are sold in pairs for $24.99 on