Clawgear Top Rail: get more real estate on that AUG A3


Do you roll with a Steyr AUG? Doesn’t matter if it’s professional or recreational…if you use one, and are one of those switched-on types who keep an eye out for Steyr AUG parts to upgrade that oh-so-recognizable bullpup, you might be interested in this news from Clawgear.

Clawgear AUG A3 top rail

Introducing the AUG A3 top rail. It’seemingly minor and innocuous, sure, but potentially among the most hand of the very few AUG accessories out there. Like most other Clawgear designs, it’s intended to make the iconic Steyr Arms platform perform better (or at least to make more efficient use of available real estate).


In this case, it is intended to provide extended rail space to the front and rear (when compared to the original AUG rail).

Steyr AUG top rail from Clawgear

According to the manufacture, it sports the following attributes:

• Made of high strength aluminum with Mil-Spec Type III hard coat anodized finish
• Features a non-glare coating to reduce reflections
• Makes the A3 rifle compatible with the Clawgear AUG Handguard

• Features a 30 slot Picatinny rail (NATO STANAG 4694)
•  Anti-rotational QD attachment point at the front

Making adjustments on the range: that’s the Clawgear AUG modular scope mount center front.

Clawgear says,

“Claw Gear‘s modular firearms accessories products are designed to increase weapon performance and accuracy. Due to [the use of] outstanding materials construction, [these] rugged and high quality Austrian made item(s) will serve you in any combat situation.”

Sure, there aren’t that many gun owners in the USA who own or use a Steyr AUG, but the Bundespolizei, the Bundesheer, Irish Defence Forces, elements of the Irish Army Rangers and Austria’s Spezialeinsatzkräfte, and many others will benefit — as will a few us here on this side of the pond.


Up next: CZ P10C: Czech Striker done right. 



Another of Clawgear’s Steyr AUG parts: the AUG SOF QD Sling Mount (and their QA two point sling).

Find the Clawgear (@clawgear on Instagram) catalog here online:

Jägerbataillon 23

An infantryman of Jägerbataillon 23 in training before deploying to Afghanistan.

A soldier of the Jagdkommando, weapon clearly modified with Clawgear Steyr Aug parts.

A soldier of the Jagdkommando, weapon clearly modified with Clawgear Steyr Aug parts.

What have you modded your Steyr AUG with? Let us know in the comments!