The Winchester Model 1911 — Old School Cool

Ever wonder why Winchester seemingly took forever to make a semi-auto shotgun? Well, the Model 1911 SL might be the answer.

The Astra 600 – Old School Cool

The Astra 600 came from Spain by way of German order. They saw little action, but they're a great way to get into surplus handguns.

Glock FAQs: History, Generations, and Model Numbers

Curious about Glock history and the difference between generations? Confused by random Glock model numbers? Do you just love Glocks? Read this.

Why the Tommy Gun Was Ditched

Why didn’t the Tommy Gun live on well into the 21st century? Task & Purpose takes a look at how the Tommy Gun went down.

Handgun History: Breechloader to Striker-Fired

Handguns have seen such a fantastic evolution over the centuries. Here's a look at their development from the breechloader to striker-fired.

Handgun History: Flintlock to Percussion

First came hand cannons, rifling, and wheellock Then came the flintlock, and later the percussion system. Here's how it all unfolded.

GunMag History: Second Chance Ballistic Vests

How did the owner of a pizza chain end up inventing a bullet proof vest? Here's the story behind Second Chance Ballistic Vests.

Handgun History: Gunpowder to Rifling

Do you ever wonder exactly how and where handguns got their start? Here's a look at the very beginnings of handgun history.

The Suppressed OSS M3 Grease Gun with a Trigger Booby Trap

Ian McCollum of Forgotten Weapons is back with another supremely awesome gun for us to check out. This time Ian has his hands on a rare, suppressed World War II M3 Grease Gun issued by the American Office of Strategic Services (OSS). If you’re not familiar with the OSS, it was founded during World War […]

How Camouflage Evolved | Task & Purpose

Camouflage has only becoming commonplace as a military standard in the last century or so. Here's a look at the evolution of camouflage with Chris Cappy.

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