ATI Mil-Sport 6mm ARC Rifle

American Tactical Imports recently released a new 6mm ARC rifle called the Mil Sport. We tried it out and are pleased with the results.

The Henry Long Ranger Express: A Half MOA Lever Gun?

Precision accuracy from a lever gun — what?! Check out the results Pat RMG gets with the Henry Long Ranger Express.

The Umarex-HK MP5 in .22 LR: “Hardcore and Heavy Duty”

Curious about the new HK MP5 22 LR from Umarex? Here's a closer look from Todd the Gun Guy along with some context from Bucky Lawson.

Lever Action Rifles: Why You Need One

Partly an ode to the coolness and reliability of lever guns and partly a review of the Marlin Model 1894 CSBL chambered in .357 Magnum.

Does Russia’s Newest Combat Rifle Kinda Suck? | Brandon Herrera

How does the AK12 stack up against its namesake? What could the Russians have done to make it better? Brandon Herrera has some suggestions.

Pistol Caliber Carbines — Practical or Practically Useless?

If you weigh the pros and cons of pistol caliber carbines, where does the final judgement land? Here's what the guys at Warrior Poet Society think.

Henry AR-7 — The Go Anywhere Survival Rifle

There's a lot to appreciate in the concept of a survival rifle like this one. So is the Henry AR-7 reliable? Is it accurate? Find out!

The AR 500 From Big Horn Armory — Half Inch Holes

Ever get the urge to produce half inch holes in a target? Well the Big Horn Armory AR 500 might be the ticket to your success.

HS Produkt VHS-2 Rifle: Best-Designed Bullpup in the World?

Ian McCollum is back with what may be the most well-thought-out bullpup design in the world. I know, Tavor and all that, but look at the HS Produkt VHS-2 rifle.

Garand Thumb — Frozen Rifle Test

For many, the snow is coming down and it begs the question, can our gear handle the worst of conditions? Here's what Garand Thumb found out with his frozen rifle test.

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