The Ultradyne Lithium PCC Compensator — Light it Up

Today were are talking Lithium, and I don’t mean the prescription drug or great Nirvana song. Nope I mean the Lithium PCC 9mm compensator from a company called Ultradyne. The company famously makes the C4 iron sights with their unique sight picture and design. They’ve also dived headfirst into the world of muzzle devices. The […]

Streamlight WEDGE, A Light To Get Excited About

What's the big difference between the Streamlight WEDGE vs. other small tactical lights? And what's with the shape? Read this to find out!

Mechanix Shooting & Tactical Gloves

These Mechanix gloves saved me some blood and allowed me to concentrate on training and learning, as opposed to being distracted by pain.

The Caldwell Target Turner — Get Moving

The Caldwell Target Turner does exactly as the name implies, it turns targets and adds a little movement to your training.

The RMT Nomad — A New Kind of AR 15 Trigger

The RMT Nomad brings some pivot to your AR-15 trigger. This drop in design is something new, something different, and something great.

Walkers Razor Slim Electronic Hearing Protection

Looking for some well-made, affordable electronic ear-pro? Want to look Razor Slim and Stylish? Check out the Walker Razor Slim.

The AEMS — Holosun’s Mini Monster

The Holosun AEMS is the latest red dot from Holosun. It's small but packs a good FOV. But is it worth your hard-earned dineros?

Olight’s Mini Valkyrie 2 vs. Streamlight TLR 7 Sub!

Today we are doing a battle of the mini weapon lights, specifically the Mini Valkyrie 2 Vs. the Streamlight TLR 7 SUB. Who kicks the most ass?

The AmmoPal From Shooting Made Easy — Long Term Review

The AmmoPal from Shooting Made Easy is a handy little device for holding 10 extra rounds of shotgun ammo on your gear.

The LifePod — High Tech Safety and Security

The LifePod, from VaulTek is a go anywhere, do anything mini-safe perfect for firearms, cash, jewelry, and much more. It's Everything proof!

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