Bill Clinton Pushes for “Assault Weapons” Ban

The “public service message” calls for a return to the 1994-2004 “assault weapons” ban. Let’s break it down and add some much-needed context.

Project Unloaded: A New Approach to Gun Control Part 1

Combining tried and true propaganda techniques with social media, Project Unloaded makes a calculated effort to undermine the Second Amendment.

Delaware Begins Mandatory Magazine “Buyback”

DSHS will begin collection of the outlawed magazines on November 16 despite the fact that it is almost certainly unconstitutional.

Gun Control on Next Week’s Ballot in Oregon

Oregon Measure 114 asks voters to decide whether the state should enact tougher gun laws, including a permitting scheme and magazine restrictions.

Lawsuit Challenges Washington Magazine Ban

The suit claims that the Washington magazine ban is unconstitutional under the Second and Fourteenth Amendments.

Judge Strikes Down Federal Law Prohibiting Possession of Firearms with Serial Number Removed

This is the latest fallout from the Supreme Court’s Bruen Decision, which continues to redefine modern firearms law.

New Jersey Enacting “Nation’s Strongest Gun Control” Despite Bruen

New Jersey is following New York’s example in the wake of the Bruen Decision, looking to make concealed carry as difficult as possible.

Breaking: Restraining Order Issued Against New York’s Carry Law

The State of New York has three business days in which to consult the 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals before the order takes effect.

NICS Denial or Delay? Your Address is Now Reported to the Cops

According to the new NICS policy, if you’re denied approval, or even delayed, the FFL is required to report your home address to the ATF for investigation.

Bill Introduced to Raise Gun Excise Tax

Congressmen Bill Pascrell and Danny Davis have introduced a bill to raise the gun and ammunition excise tax across the board. The Gun Violence Prevention and Safe Communities Act would use that extra money “to create guaranteed annual funding for gun violence prevention.” The bill’s sponsors claim the bill “is an important step in ensuring […]

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