The Ukraine Second Amendment: Hypocrisy and Contradictions in the US

Much to the chagrin of gun control advocates, the so-called Ukraine Second Amendment is proving what gun owners have known all along - and providing ridiculous displays of contradiction and hypocrisy from even the loudest gun control activists.

High Speed Gear Adds New ReFlex Leg Rig System

High Speed Gear's latest addition to the med pouch accessory line, the new ReFlex Leg Rig system, has been field tested by U.S. Navy Corpsmen.

New: Breakthrough Clean Technologies AR Armorer’s Wrench

Building ARs is often described as being a bit like Legos for adults, but in reality it requires far more skill. Although it is possible to build an AR-15 or AR-10 using tools you have around the house, it’s not remotely ideal. Building to maintain the integrity of the parts and leave them free from […]

Beretta Acquires RUAG Ammotec

Beretta already held various firearms brands, and the aquisition of RUAG adds ammo brands like Norma, Rottweil Munitions, Geco, and RWS.

CMC Triggers Announces New Trigger for AR-15/AR-10 Platform

One of the fantastic features of the AR platform is the many options for customization. Among the companies offering high-quality components for aftermarket use is CMC Triggers, a Forth Worth, Texas-based manufacturer. The company’s latest addition to their line of drop-in triggers is the Goldfinger, which is designed for AR-15 and AR-10 platform rifles. The […]

New: XTech Tactical Gen 2 MAG47

The latest offering from XTech Tactical is their Gen 2 MAG47 line that includes a trio of new steel reinforced magazines.

Strike Industries: New Glock 19 Extended Magazine Plate

Want to increase your G19 capacity without going full-blown with an extendo? This Glock 19 Extended Magazine Plate might hit the sweet spot. 

Viridian Announces Laser Sight for Springfield Hellcat Pro

The company says that they will offer both Green and Red E-Series Laser Sights for the new Springfield Armory Hellcat Pro.

New Release from TOPS Knives, the New Silent Hero 4

The Silent Hero 4 is reportedly even easier to carry every day but hardy enough to be used in demanding situations like bushcrafting.

Gemtech’s New Suppressor – Meet the MIST-22V

Gemtech Suppressors, a subsidiary of Smith & Wesson, has released their new integrally suppressed barrel, the Gemtech MIST-22V. It’s a full barrel replacement for the .22lr Smith & Wesson Victory pistol. Gemtech Suppressors has a rich history in the suppressor industry that dates back to the 1960s with Dr. Dater. With intriguing designs, such as […]

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