Kahr’s New S-Series Pistols

One of the long time favorite manufacturers in the concealed carry community is Kahr Arms. Kahr’s impact on the design of concealed carry handguns has been significant, and the company continues to innovate today. Long before there was a Smith & Wesson Shield or a Glock 43, Kahr Arms was making thin, single-stack pistols that were […]

American Tactical’s New Omni Hybrid 410 Shotgun

It’s been a long time coming, but it is now here: the .410 bore shotgun from American Tactical. Called the Omni Hybrid 410, the new AR-style shotgun combines several of American Tactical’s technologies with several years of development. I got a sneak peek of this gun at a firearms wholesaler show in 2014. Even though I […]

The New Ruger SP101 Match Champion

With panic buying waning, companies like Sturm, Ruger & Co are introducing new models and variants as a way to boost sales. New versions of existing gun designs can bring in repeat buyers and entice shooters to consider a line that had been overlooked before. Case in point: the Ruger SP101 Match Champion. In one form or […]

The Avenger M308 from HM Defense

HM Defense is now selling a new AR-10 style rifle called the Avenger M308. The Avenger M308 is the first of the company’s new HM10 Monobloc rifles that use barrels with integrated gas blocks. HM Defense has seen previous success with this style of barrel in its HM15 Monobloc rifle line. According to the company, these […]

Ruger’s New Stainless LC9s

Ruger announced a new version of an old gun that has proved to be very popular for concealed carry. The new gun is a stainless version of the LC9s pistol. Less affectionately known as the model 3273, the new LC9s Stainless share all of the same functionality as the original pistols, but with a slide that […]

Armscor’s New RIA SF9 Pistol

<p>Armscor is showing a new striker fired pistol. But is it simply a rebranded Timberwolf?</p>

Elite Tactical Systems (ETS) Tritium Embedded Mag Followers

<p>ETS is now offering mag followers with tritium embedded in them.</p>

Colt Now Making Series 70 Competition Pistols

Colt’s Manufacturing Company (aka “Colt”) announced it would now manufacture its Competition Pistol with the Series 70 firing system. For 1911 shooters that dislike Series 80 pistols, this is sure to be good news. According to the information provided by the company, Colt will make the new Series 70 Competition Pistols with the same features as […]

New Ruger American Rimfire Stainless Rifles

Ruger is a company that listens to its customers and delivers what they want. If you are a Ruger fan, you are very likely to be pleased by how the company operates and what kinds of product introductions it makes. The latest product announcement from the company is the American Rimfire Stainless rifle. The American Rimfire […]

Bad Element Customized AK Magazines

Bad Element Company makes some interesting improvements to AK mags. For one, check out this all-state-compliant magazine/bottle opener.

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