Ruger Announces the New LCP MAX — LCP II’s Bigger Brother

Ruger just released the next iteration in the LCP family, the LCP MAX. How is it different? What advantages does it offer? Find out here.

MCK TAC: CAA Micro Conversion Kit, but even smaller

The CAA MCK TAC (Micro Conversion Kit TAC) is a smaller version of the original CAA MCK with no stock. It uses sling tension for stability.

Taurus GX4 Reviews: Solid Concealed Carry

The new Taurus GX4 clearly competes with big name subcompacts, but is aimed at shooters who don’t want to spend $500+ on a concealed carry gun.

Seatback MOLLE Panel: a RMP Kit from Grey Man Tactical

The seatback MOLLE panel is a vehicle RMP kit from Grey Man Tactical. It provides many options for organizing and storing vehicle gear.

Lone Star Silencers: Made in Texas with Love

HB957, proposed by Texas Representative Tom Oliverson, may change the popularity of Texas silencers - and the volume of shooting in Texas.

Springfield Latest Hellcat Magazine Gives Us 15 Rounds

The latest Hellcat Magazine packs 15 rounds of 9mm in a very hard to load platform. However, its easy to empty when the time comes.

P320 AXG Pro — Sig’s Full-Sized Addition to the AXG Lineup

Sig just added to the AXG lineup by announcing the full-sized model. It's a standard offering (as compared to Custom Works) — the P320 AXG Pro

Shield Arms SA15 FLR: Integrally Folding AR15

The S-15 Folding Lower Receiver rifle/pistol series is a folding AR15 available in a variety of configurations - but it's not just ANY folder. This one doesn't need an aftermarket adapter to make it go.

New Magpul Arm Brace for HK94/MP5 Pattern Pistols

Magpul, a maker of quality Go-Bang parts, just released its third arm brace, this one for the HK94 / MP5 pattern pistols.

The Sig Romeo1Pro — Sig’s Latest Duty Ready Red Dot

As a 'Total Systems Provider' Sig produces everything from a handgun to a red dot. Today we are looking at the latest red dot, the Romeo1Pro.

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