Federal’s New Hydra-Shok Deep

Sometimes a classic should be left alone, while other times it should be tweaked to stay relevant to the current times. For me, defensive ammunition should constantly be tested and evaluated to find ways to improve it. Just because something worked relatively well at one time doesn’t mean it remains the best choice today. Such […]

No More Recoil – VG6 Precision PRS Muzzle Brake

Do you shoot .300 Win Mag? Do you shoot Precision Rifle Series matches? Do you hate recoil? Then check out VG6 Precision.

Wilson Combat Ranger | Not Just Another AR

Wilson Combat announced a new premium AR rifle line called the Ranger. The Wilson Combat Ranger rifles will come in two basic models and offer all of the accuracy and build quality with which the company is frequently associated. I can already hear many readers beginning to groan that the world doesn’t need another AR-15. While […]

Ruger’s New 10/22 Target Lite

Sturm, Ruger & Co. expanded the 10/22 line of rimfire rifles with the introduction of a new gun called the 10/22 Target Lite. This new rifle has some great new features while retaining many of the classic aspects that have made these guns so popular. A quick glance at this gun and you will see […]

FN Announces MD Compliant FN-15 Carbines

Thanks to a seemingly endless amount of anti-gun legislation that popped up in the past few years, gun-makers have had to modify existing designs to meet specific regulations to enable customers in these states to purchase and own their products. Recently FN USA began production of one such variant to meet Maryland’s strict gun laws.

Federal Premium Introduces New Syntech Action Pistol

<p>For current USPSA shooters, the days of reloading could be over with the introduction of Federal Premium’s new line of Syntech ammunition, specifically targeted to action shooters. Syntech Action Pistol Ammunition is designed for high volume shooters to get the most out of both practice time and match performance.</p>

Dead Air Folding Suppressor Iron Sights – SHOT Show 2018

One of the problems with shooting a handgun suppressed is that the body of the suppressor blocks your sight picture. One method to alleviate this problem is to get tall iron sights on your pistol so they sit higher and you can see over the suppressor body. Dead Air Silencers has come up with a simple solution, folding suppressor iron sights.

CMC Match Precision Barrels for 9mm Glock Pistols

<p>If you are looking for a match grade barrel upgrade, CMC Triggers is now offering barrels for your Glock 17, 19 and 34 pistols.</p>

T/C Compass: Why I’m not buying one. Yet.

<p class="p1">Just imagine this simple plan: While on a family vacation in Florida we would book a father daughter evening hunt. It would be perfect. Warm weather, a beautiful sunset, and a tasty dinner of wild hog. Sounds perfect right?</p> <p class="p1">The only problem is I don’t have a hog rifle that is suitable for my 9 year old daughter. My .308 is too heavy and packs too much of a punch, plus that Remington 700 and it’s <a href="https://gunmagwarehouse.com/magpul-pmag-aics-short-action-308-7-62-10-round-magazine.html">Magpul AICS magazine</a> full of hog hate would be on backup incase her shot wasn’t immediately effective. So she would need a new rifle.</p>

6″ Bulldog – The Newest .44 SPL from Charter Arms

When you think about double action revolvers, Smith & Wesson or Ruger might be the first company that jumps to mind. Maybe you have fond memories of the classic Colts. All fine guns, and I own my fair share. When someone mentions the .44 Special cartridge, however, I frequently think back to an article I […]

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