New: Breakthrough Clean Technologies Carbon Removal Tool

If you have an AR-15 platform rifle or pistol, the Breakthrough Clean Technologies Carbon Removal Tool is meant for you.

The Multitasker Twist Gun Tool—Good for a Myriad of Major Chores!

This Multitasker Twist Gun tool has turned out to be a major asset to my range bag (or everyday carry kit). Wish I'd had one before now!

Sight Tool Selection: 7 Options for Your DIY Gun Mod

Gone are the days that swapping out your sights. required professional gunsmithing. Here is our list of the top five sight tools.

Gun Photography: Part 2 – Use Snapseed to Edit Photos on Your Phone

For the style of gun photography I do: white background with suspended guns, it is really easy to edit these photos on my iPhone. Google Snapseed is the greatest app, and it is free. Here's how I do it.

Stovepipe Malfunctions and Other 1911 (or any) Magazine Problems

The stovepipe malfunctions and "push feed" jams are two kinds of problems that can be induced by a 1911 magazine (or any mag, really): here's what to do.

Building an AR15: 11 tools you’ll need

11 tools you'll need to build an AR15: Paul Carlson runs them down in this installment of Mag Dump Monday. Got a vice? Check. Got armorers' wrench? Check. Got all the right punches? No? Need a list of which ones you should have on your bench? Read on.

Here’s How I Modified My AR15 Pistol Build

I wanted the perfect handguard. If it exists, it costs money, but this project didn’t cost me a dime. Here's how I modified my AR15 Pistol Build.

Gun/Range Photography: Part 1 – Take Gun Photos At Home

Love firearms? Want to share cool gun photos on social media? Read up to learn Chen's tips on getting great shots using your smartphone from your own home.

How to Expand S&W M&P Shield Capacity

Let’s take a look at several ways you can expand the capacity of your S&W M&P Shield 9mm magazine and a few ways to improve your personal safety.

The MagPod: Myths, Magazines, and Reviews

Looking for a way to add stability to your AR-15? Check out the MagPod. It's a great way to turn your rifle mag into a monopod.

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