Best Innovations at SHOT Show 2020: Which Guns are “More Better?”

Four of GunMag Warehouse’s resident pipe hitters discuss their favorite improvements at SHOT Show 2020. Some familiar names make the cut.

Are We Losing the Rule of Law?

Jay Jacobson of Franklin Armory recently penned an op-ed about recent, current, and troubling potential future events: are we losing the rule of law?

SI Polyflex Slide Back Plate: for your M&P

The PolyFlex SBU (Slide Back Plate) is a new accessory for your Smith & Wesson M&P from Strike Industries for toolless slide disassembly.

Flashbang Extraordinary: Liberty Dynamic’s Enhanced Diversionary Device

The redesigned Liberty Dynamics EDD improves safety and effectiveness while reducing logistical red tape To date, over 50 LE agencies have adopted this flashbang.

Schooling Your Kids At Home? Why Not Use the Range as a Classroom?

Here are some ways you can take a break from the monotony of schooling at home, and use the local firing range as a classroom.

Roll Call for a Parting Glass: Observing Memorial Day

Lift a parting glass on Memorial Day to honor your fallen. The staff of GunMag Warehouse and The Mag Life will be. Join us in remembering those we've lost.

The VRPA40 — Mightily Impressive and Mag-Fed

Who doesn't love a shotgun with a capacity that changes from 5 to 9 o 19 rounds? The VRPA40 brings a pump action to the VR line.

Baldr EDC Light: A Pocketful of Sunshine!

There is a lot to like about the Baldr EDC light. Calrson has carrying it for several months now and it has met and exceeded his expectations.

MAG556, MAG557 … Wherefore art thou MCT?

Both the MAG556 and MAG557 (2 versions of the Gen M3 PMAG 30) are available at GunMag Warehouse: in black and MCT (Medium Coyote Tan).

Defense Mechanisms Rifle Sling

This new rifle sling from Defense Mechanisms is similar to the popular Vickers sling. But it has a few intentional improvements you should know about.

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