163 – Range Bag Essentials

In today’s podcast, we discuss all the essentials Varg and I have with us when we’re at the range. Our minimum equipment preferences allow us to be safe, prepared, and proactive. Although the contents and brands may vary, we’re going to highlight some of our favorite equipment and brands. Hopefully, this will help you prepare […]

Primos Trigger Sticks: a Range Gear Review

A little shooting support can be handy. I tried out Primos Trigger Sticks and found them easy to use, fast to employ, and quiet when it matters. For stalking big game, sitting on a perimeter without good support, plinking, or zeroing your rifle, Primos Trigger Sticks should be placed in your kit. They are easy to use, fast to employ, and work in multiple ways. Check them out!

Considerations for Lethal Force Part 3

If you have purchased or carry a gun for self-defense, you must consider all of these factors if you want to improve your chances of truly winning a fight that requires lethal force. The fight is not just physical, it’s also social, legal, and psychological. Include all of these considerations in your mission statement, your family plans, and your training, and you will greatly improve your chances of coming out of such an event with you and your family life in one piece.

Considerations for Lethal Force Part 2

In part one I covered some important preparations for using a firearm in self-defense, such as having performance standards, defining our mission, and developing a confident mindset. In the second installment of our three-part series, I am going to talk about some of the possible legal consequences of lethal force.

The Junk In My Trunk: My Range Truck Bed Storage System

In-bed range truck storage can make your life better when you get ready to head to the range. I've been customizing my range truck with a homebrew system for better organization, security, and convenience. Here's how I built it, and some pre-made options to look at if DIY isn't for you.

The Best Suppressors (and Shocking Language) of SHOT Show 2020

Our best and brightest talk about theirfavorite suppressors from SHOT Show 2020 and even throw in a little political advocacy as an extra pasty, er…cherry…oh Hell, you know what I mean—on top.

The Best Selling Guns of a Record Breaking June

June saw the NICS checks hit an all time high with 3.9 million background checks. What were the best selling guns of June? Let's dive in.

The Top Ten Gifts for The Prepared Citizen

Need a gift for the prepper, prepared citizen, or EDC fan in your life? These EDC gear gift suggestions are quality items from respected companies in the industry.

Range Truck Upgrades: Tonneau and Tires

These two range truck upgrades make the truck much more capable in my mission to get to and from the range. I’m pleased with the new additions. I’m spending less time loading and unloading, and my gear is dry. Best of all: I’ve had a nice little bump in fuel efficiency. Here's what I did.

Firearms Rate of Fire Through the Centuries

Firearms have evolved In less than 150 years with an increase in rate of fire from three to 6,000 rounds per minute. Take a tour through history and see the development, from the old-time matchlocks to the experimental Metal Storm.

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