Five Reasons the 44 Magnum is the Right Choice for Carry in the Woods

So why is 44 Magnum the caliber of choice to carry in the woods? Here are five reasons. We'll start with the obvious.

Quarter Circle 10 Brings MP5 Magazines to the AR

Without a doubt, one of the most successful submachine gun designs in history is the H&K MP5. This 9mm SMG has proven itself in the hands of elite units like the US Navy SEALs, British SAS and hundreds of other special action units around the world.  Having fired them myself, I can attest to their […]

Five Reasons to Pull The Trigger on a Short Barrel Shotgun

<p>The old fashioned sawed-off shotgun was so appealing to the criminal underworld that politicians felt compelled to place some hardocre restrictions on who could own one. That's something we have to live with. And it is well worth the headache of the tax-stamp. Here's why:</p>

IWI Phases Out Tavor SAR

So Long Tavor SAR, Thanks For The Memories IWI has announced that they are phasing out their flagship rifle, the Tavor SAR. The Tavor SAR was well received in 2013 when it was released in the US Market.  However when IWI introduced their Tavor X95 in 2016, the Tavor SAR sales dropped. Shooters were embracing […]

MTR Unveils New Holsters, and Leather Defense Tool

The phrase, “affordable, exotic leather” sounds like an oxymoron. If something is exotic, it is by definition, uncommon. Things that are uncommon tend to fetch a higher price than more ordinary items. But somehow, the craftsman up in North Carolina at MTR have managed to do just that. Founded in 2009 by Matthew and Stephanie […]

Smith & Wesson Announces the Shield M2.0

One of the most popular concealed carry guns on the market today is the Smith & Wesson Shield. Since its introduction, this line of single stack pistols has taken the shooting industry by storm. While Smith & Wesson does not release exact production numbers to the public, I would not be surprised to discover that the Shield […]

Five Reasons Why Hexmag Magazines Are Catching On

Not all of polymer AR-15 mags are created equal. Hexmag magazines have developed a devoted following. Here are five reasons why.

Why You Need a Get Home Gun

<p>Many of us have rifles that are purpose built for self defense. Most of those guns, though, are locked in safes, safe at home. So what is your strategy when you are miles away? Would you have to rely on your concealed carry gun to get you home if somethign were to go terribly wrong?</p>

Smith & Wesson SD9 — Not Cheap, Just Inexpensive

<p>The Smith & Wesson SD9 is inexpensive, but that doesn't mean it is cheap. In fact, it makes for a pretty good personal protection tool.</p>

5 Reasons Why Now’s The Time To Buy Magazines.

<p>Odds are, if you're reading this on the GunMagWarehouse site, you may know what I'm about to say. But I don't mind preaching to the choir. And I'm not simply shilling. We're always one mass shooting away from catastrophic restirctions on our Second Amendment rights. If you needs magazines, and everyone does, now's the time.</p>

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