An Old Colt and Rare Fuentes: Gun and Cigar Pairing Guide

What do you smoke after a day on the range with an old Colt? If there is any weapon that goes well with the Fuente Fuente Opus X, it is this 1913 Colt 1911: an American classic turned Argentine turned American again.

Modern Warfare Guns: COD weapons in real life

Plenty of articles list the best guns of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. Let's talk about the best guns from the game that are good guns in real life.

Tactical Driving: Behind the Wheel with OFFGRID and the Bondurant Racing School

Get behind the wheel (sort of) with and the Bondurant Racing School to learn some tactical driving skills - then hit the road!

Walther P38 / P1: More Than 80 Years of Excellence

The P38/P1 is hammer-fired with a falling block locking mechanism. Would you carry a Walther P38 as an EDC gun (or for that matter the renamed P1)?

Five Magazine Upgrades You Can Do Today

You can upgrade dang near anything firearm-wise these days. You know what a lot of shooters overlook? Magazine upgrades, and we've got five for you.

AK 47 Magazine Muster: for your Kalash Collection

It's hard to choose the best AK 47 magazine, but that's largely because there so many robust, reliable, even non-Russki options available.

The BRN 180 – A Not So American Classic

The BRN 180 is a modern development in the AR 18 family of rifles. Brownells has been killing it with the retro line and is the BRN 180 any different?

What You Need to Know About the [not so] New 224 Valkyrie

Wildcats come and go, but the 224 Valkyrie seems like it is here to stay. Flat shooting, and fast, the new round offers compact size and great long range accuracy.

Motorcycle Concealed Carry: Going Heeled on Two Wheels

Concealed carry on a bike: you have some options, but need to think it through. Motorcycle gun holster? Motorcycle concealed carry vest? Let's discuss.

163 – Range Bag Essentials

In today’s podcast, we discuss all the essentials Varg and I have with us when we’re at the range. Our minimum equipment preferences allow us to be safe, prepared, and proactive. Although the contents and brands may vary, we’re going to highlight some of our favorite equipment and brands. Hopefully, this will help you prepare […]

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