Glock Magazines – The Market Rundown

Looking for Glock options? Look no further. Here's the run-down on Glock mags and everything you need to know before your next trip to the range.

Carry a Cheap Pistol… In Case You Have to Use It?

Do you carry an expensive handgun? What if you have to use it? It will undoubtedly be confiscated, even if the shooting is deemed justifiable. So why would you carry an pricey gun? I know why.

The Ultimate e-Rat-ication Tool?

I've got some gun-shy neighbors. I also have a rodent issue that requires an active response. Now I've found a solid--and very covert--option.

Hemingway and a Hemingway: A Gun-and-Cigar Pairing Guide

Whether you are popping out of a blind with your trusty break action, or sitting back in your recliner with a classic novel, nothing beats the aroma of a Hemingway.

Resurrecting a Walther PPK/S

Sometimes a bargain is too good to pass up. This PPK seemed like one of those. The gun, though, wasn't running right. Fixing it wasn't cheap, but it was worth it.

Concealed Carry Indecision

Picking a concealed carry gun isn't easy. If you can conceal a larger gun, your choices are endless. So how do you decide between equally good options?

Kalashnikovs and Cohibas, a Gun-and-Cigar Pairing Guide

The AK has a devout following here in the land of the free. So do Cuban cigars, though they're a bit harder to find. Still, the pair go well together.

Handgun Accuracy Pet Peeves, Gripes, and Outright Lies

There are many factors that influence how well a firearm with perform. When you add a human to the equation, problems with accuracy can be even harder to diagnose. If you miss the target, is it really the gun's fault?

Browning Hi-Power—A Brief History of an Underappreciated Pistol

The Hi-Power is one of the most underrated pistol designs of the 20th century. Here's a little Browning Hi-Power history.

SGM Tactical VEPR 12 Gauge 25-Round Clear Drum Magazine Review

Bigger's always better right? If you own a VEPR, you need one of these.

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