Self-Defense Mindset | When is “Good Enough” Actually Good Enough?

The internet is full of people with strong opinions on every topic, and the topics of firearms and self-defense are no exception. Indeed, because of the serious nature of self-defense, opinions tend to be even stronger, and disagreements often get fueled by emotion and ego.  This can make it very frustrating and difficult for someone […]

GunMag Gun News: 5×5 Friday | July 2019

Gun News from the firearm, tactical, outdoor, training, and hunting world. But mostly firearms! 5×5 Friday, July 5, 2019 5×5 Friday, July 12, 2019 5×5 Friday, July 19, 2019 5×5 Friday, July 26, 2019 It’s been an interesting week in gun news. The annual Triggercon event is currently underway in Washington, several firearms companies announced […]

Dispelling Laser Myths

It seems like there are as many myths about laser sights as there are sights in use. Lasers are a tool, with advantages and disadvantages. Lets discuss.

Bang the Drum Magazine Slowly: a History of Drum Mags

Drum magazines have been around pretty much since the first magazine-fed weapons hit the battlefield. Here's a look at some them and how they developed. 

Should You “Under Magnify” Your Rifle? (The Red Dot at Long Ranges)

What can you do with a .308 with little-to-no magnification? Try a red dot and see.

Slide Mounted Red Dot Obstacles (and Solutions)

When will slide mounted red dot optics become as common on pistols as iron sights? That time may be now.

The Best New Kalashnikov Updates

The Kalashnikov is iconic--some might say classic--but the design continues to evolve. What's coming up for fans of the AK platform? Check it out.

Deep Concealed Carry Tips and Tricks

Some real-world situations call for extra measures of caution. Here's a great way to practice concealed carry that is very hard to detect.

The Maglula – Save Them Thumbs

Nothing slows down range-time like loading mags. There's a great way to speed things up and it will save the wear and tear on your thumbs.

What About the Springfield Armory XD-E?

Springfield Armory knows their way around concealed carry. The XD-E is their latest update and adds some features some users have been asking for.

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