Glock FAQs: History, Generations, and Model Numbers

Curious about Glock history and the difference between generations? Confused by random Glock model numbers? Do you just love Glocks? Read this.

Gunfighter Pistol: The Fitz Special Part 1

The Gangster era holds a unique place in American history, as do their guns. You've likely heard of the Tommy Gun, but what about the Fitz Special?

Did You Know That Bridging Optics Is Bad?

Do you know why bridging optics is bad? Well, you'll know by the end of this article! Learn how not to mount optics right here.

Jerry Miculek: Drawing Your Appendix Carry EDC

Jerry Miculek addresses the importance of dry practice with your appendix carry EDC, and offers some tips on how to do it correctly.

The MPTC Concealed Carry Qual — Conceal It

Rarely do we see police training qualifications that successfully cross over to the concealed carry world. The MPTC Back-Up Gun Qual works well with concealed carry handguns.

SAR USA SAR9 Compact X

The SAR9 CX pistol is the compact version of the SAR USA popular full-size SAR9, made with concealed carriers like you in mind.

Clint Smith Raw – Til It’s Empty!

We may not be used to seeing Clint Smith sitting around a table, chewing the fat with the guys. But here he is!

Five Best Concealed Carry 9mm Handguns

Selecting the best concealed carry 9mm is a matter of finding what works for you and going from there. Here's our top five.

The Highwaymen: Telling it Straight on Bonnie and Clyde

Great acting, sweet cars, and even sweeter firearms — the Netflix Original The Highwaymen is all that and more, turning the “folk hero” story of Bonnie and Clyde on its head.

.30 Super Carry: Worth the Trade-Off?

Will the .30 Super Carry take its place among the more popular defensive pistol calibers, or will it be another niche cartridge that “might have been?”

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