Double Feed for Training

Here's how to set up a real double feed for training so you can clear the malfunction efficiently. Next time you're at the range try it out.

How to hold a pistol: Handgun Grip

A proper pistol grip helps with recoil mitigation; this reduces recoil anticipation, thus reducing the amount of "jump" that occurs when firing.

NRA Convention 2020: NRAAM Planned for Nashville, Now Cancelled

he 2020 NRA Convention (more properly the 1"49th NRA Annual Meetings & Exhibits:) will be held this April at the Music City Center in Nashville, TN.

The MagPod: Myths, Magazines, and Reviews

Looking for a way to add stability to your AR-15? Check out the MagPod. It's a great way to turn your rifle mag into a monopod.

You’re Doing it Wrong: the 31-round magazine

Even experienced shooters make seemingly simple mistakes. This Mag Life Minute addresses one you'll say you already knew but is more common than we admit. Even experienced shooters make seemingly simple mistakes. That loaded magazine - does it have 30 rounds in it? Or 28? Or (and this is bad) 31? Also...range appropriate pedicures?

The Myth of the “Surprise Break”

e "Surprise Break" trigger break is an effective training technique but should be left in your range bag when there's gunfighting to be done.

Bigger, Better, Faster: the State of GunMag

GunMag Warehouse: we moved to Texas. We’re stocked and loaded and back at it. Time to spend some of that tax return — or at least to ask for more allowance! We’re bigger, better, and faster than ever. More specifically: We moved everything from Miami to Coppell, Texas and got it settled in. We have […]

Point Shooting: how to train for it with Larry Vickers

Point shooting: do you know how to do it, why to do it, and when you might have to do it? Larry Vickers explains how to train for "point shooting".

EDC flashlight: why you should carry a handheld and some lights to consider

Your EDC flashlight should include a handheld light for many reasons, not just tactical. Here are some good options to look at when considering a light for your EDC gear.

Bad shooting positions: when you’re down and hurt

Bad shooting positions: they're far more likely than the ideal alternative when it comes to a defensie shooting of any kind. Do you train accordingly?

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