I Hope I Never Have to Draw…

Concealed carry presents obvious challenges. Some who want to carry have to go to extremes to conceal even a small pistol. Don't rule out ankle carry. It may be a viable way to stay prepared.

The Top 5 Pistol Caliber Carbines – According to this Guy

Pistol caliber carbines are affordable, reliable, and easy to control. The increase in the platform's popularity means there are more options than ever for solid PCCs. Here are five that are holding their own.

Williams Fire Sights: Futuristic Williams Gun Sight from the Past

Sooner or later, you may want to replace the sights on your handgun. The after-market options are numerous, and varied. Today we're testing out the Fire Sights from Williams.

Holster Butchery

Most holster designs work well. They blend form and function to safely hold your gun. Yet even the best holster may need a bit of tweaking.

SilencerCo ASR: One Mount to Rule Them All

Looking for a way to make mounting a silencer even easier? SilencerCo has some solid options. Check out the ASR.

Is Your Holster Making Your Pistol Inoperable?

Here’s a frightening scenario. You find yourself in a self-defense encounter. OK, so that’s frightening enough, but it can get worse. What if when you go to draw from your holster and fire your pistol, it doesn’t work? Or maybe it shoots once because your magazine is either unseated or, worse yet, completely missing. What? […]

5 Reasons the Galil ACE is a Better AK than an AK

The Kalashnikov may well be the most well-known rifle in the world. The genius of its design is part of its legendary status. Yet there's a rifle out there that took the best parts of the AK and made something even more magnificent: the Galil ACE.

What You Can Learn By Training at Home with Technology

Many gun owners never train. Ever. Others only put in serious effort when they are on the range. There are other options, and some of the latest technological gadgets make training safe and easy.

What happened to the red dot magnifier?

Red dot magnifiers, once common add-ons for many carbines, seem to have fallen out of fashion. The reason may not be crystal clear. Yet magnifiers have their place on top of an AR, and here's why.

How To Use a Laser Engraver to Customize PMAGs

Customization of guns is a growing industry. New CNC machines and laser technologies are allowing for crisp precision and unlimited personal expression. Check out what a laser engraver can do to a PMAG.

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