Shooting Subcompact Handguns Well

<p>Small guns aren’t without their disadvantages. Subcompacts are lower capacity and that is the aspect most folks like to focus on, but as a professional defensive shooting instructor, what I tend to focus on when it comes to small guns is how different they can be to shoot.</p>

Why You Want A Modern, Drop Safe Handgun

<p>Today’s handguns are full of devices aptly called “safeties” that help the user avoid errors with the gun and that makes sense.<span class="Apple-converted-space">  </span>There are “thumb safeties” “grip safeties”, “trigger safeties” and “firing pin safeties” all intended to help make sure that the gun doesn’t go off when it isn’t supposed to.</p>

New Pistol Mag Speed Loader By ETS Group

ETS Group has made a new speed loader for pistol magazines. It was first seen online back in December. Military Arms Channel posted a video about it in December. ETS had their 3D printed prototype on display at SHOT Show last January. Well now it is available. The ETS Pistol Mag Loader is one of […]

ETS Glock Magazine Round Counter Modification

<p>Here is a simple modification to add a round counter to ETS high cap magazines.</p>

Shoot Gooder: Balancing Front Sight Acquisition and Precision

You never quit learning. At a MAG-40 course I had a problem with accuracy at 15 yards. Here's what I did to easily resolve the problem.

Problems with Extended Magazines in Compact Guns & How to Fix Them

Full-sized mags used in compact guns, are functionally extended magazines. This can present some problems if left unaddressed. Here are some ways to fix them.

Two WW2 Guns that Used the Wrong Mag

After having shot tens of thousands of rounds of ammo through hundreds of guns, here are two WW2 guns that use the wrong magazine.

New Ruger American Rimfire Stainless Rifles

Ruger is a company that listens to its customers and delivers what they want. If you are a Ruger fan, you are very likely to be pleased by how the company operates and what kinds of product introductions it makes. The latest product announcement from the company is the American Rimfire Stainless rifle. The American Rimfire […]

Bad Element Customized AK Magazines

Bad Element Company makes some interesting improvements to AK mags. For one, check out this all-state-compliant magazine/bottle opener.

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