The Seven Worst Tactical Myths

The firearms and tactical world is one of the very worst for misinformation. So much ego gets attached to ideas, techniques, and tactics that make the firearm industry a slow behemoth. Some of this misinformation stays around long enough to become what I call tactical myths. These tactical myths should be debunked, defused, and flushed […]

The Top Six Normal Guns With Weird Features

I appreciate creative firearms designers. Sometimes they create truly revolutionary weapons that change the world. Sometimes they make silly weapons that give me a laugh and something to write about. Other times — and these are rarest times —they create regular guns with weird features. I’ve gathered six relatively normal firearms with some peculiar characteristics. […]

Mouse Guns Are Dead And PHLster Killed Them

Mouse guns are dead, and an American holster company killed them. How so? Why? Is Travis full of it? Maybe...but maybe not!

The Five Best Shotguns for People Who Hate Shotguns

Do you hate shotguns? Do you still feel compelled to own at least one? Well, Travis has five picks that make it easy to own (or at least compel you to rethink things!).

The Top Five Subguns — Why The Little Guys Rule

Subguns are giant pistols derived from SMGs. They took the machine part out so I call them subguns. Here are the top five on the market.

The Seven Most Overrated Guns Ever

Overrated guns are interesting. They aren't necessarily bad guns, (ok some of them are), but they don't live up to their cult following.

The Seven Best Surplus Pistols On the Market

Surplus pistols present a living piece of history you can handle, shoot, and enjoy. We've gathered the seven best currently out there.

Gun and Game — Hitman and the Hardballers

What classic firearm is the AMT Hardballer wielded by the skilled Agent 47 in his quest to assassinate criminals, world leaders, and more? Find out!

The Best Video Game Shotguns, Scatterguns, and Flak Cannons

Video game shotguns can be fun, painful, and powerful — packing a punch that's tough to beat. Here are some of the best.

Heat Loadouts in 2021 – Updating Cops and Robbers

The 1995 film Heat is famous for its firearms. But what the guns of the movie Heat look like if it was filmed today? Check out Pike's lineup.

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