Tips for Ammunition Storage

Today’s ammo is durable and can take some abuse, but it can still degrade over time. Here are some ammunition storage tips to keep in mind.

Primal Rights: Does a Bronze Brush Damage Gun Barrels?

Primal Rights gives the low-down on the question; will a bronze brush damage your gun barrel? We explain all of their points here.

The Boosteady Gun Cleaning Kit: Finally, a Kit Worth Buying

If you own a gun, you eventually have to clean it. And to clean it, you need the right tools. Here's a gun cleaning kit that looks promising.

EMP Proof Safe? Protect Your Gun Safe from an EMP

If you’re into preparedness, you’re likely aware of the potential threat from an electromagnetic pulse or EMP. You can read up on EMPs, their effects, and what causes them elsewhere. But in the video linked below, leading EMP expert Dr. Arthur T. Bradley shows us how to protect your gun safe and what’s in it […]

How to Clean a 1911 with Bill Wilson

The platform presents its own challenges and needs when it comes to cleaning day. Bill Wilson and Ken Hackathorn talk about how to clean a 1911.

New: Breakthrough Clean Technologies Carbon Removal Tool

If you have an AR-15 platform rifle or pistol, the Breakthrough Clean Technologies Carbon Removal Tool is meant for you.

Blade HQ with Lucas Burnley — Pocket Knife Maintenance

If you carry a pocket knife with any regularity, you’re going to enjoy this video with Knifemaker Lucas Burnely walking us through some basic knife maintenance measures. These are simple tips and tricks that each of us can use to keep our knives running in tip-top shape. Despite carrying and using pocket knives daily and […]

Fix It Sticks AR-15 Maintenance Kit

The Fix It Sticks AR-15 Maintenance Kit has pretty much everything you need to maintain your rifle, attach or remove accessories.

How to DIY a Homemade Dart Gun Pegboard

How do you wrangle an unruly dart gun collection? It's a fairly common issue for households with kids. Here's how Jacob did it.

Building A Tactical Lever Action Rifle

It's not as hard as you'd think to modernize a lever gun, nor are they as useless or antiquated as some aver. Build a modern tactical lever action rifle.

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