Lingle Industries Lower — Scorpion up your APC9

Ever want to add Scorpion mags to your B&T APC9, APC9K, or GHM9? Well, Lingle Industries has you covered with the Scorpion Lingle Lower.

Navy SEAL Battle Rifle Build

What options or features would a Navy SEAL focus on in a rifle build? Jason Pike with Frogman Tactical breaks down his latest build.

Grey Birch Solutions Foundation Chassis: But Wait, There’s More!

Grey Birch Solutions has a modular chassis system for the ever-popular Ruger 10/22 style of .22lr rifle. Take a look-see.

The $1,200 AR 15 vs the $600 AR 15

In the AR 15 world, you can purchase a rifle at any price point. Here's our $1200 AR vs $600 AR comparison testing. Does the money matter?

INSPIRED: Rifle Types for Regular Guys

Get confused with the acronyms surrounding different rifle types? Yeah, same. But this categorical system for nomenclature might just clear things up!

The AR 410 — Makes Your Rifle a Scatter Gat

Ever want to convert your 5.56 rifle into a 410? Well, this Charles Daly upper allows you to make the AR 410 you've always wanted.

A Scorpion with a More Potent Sting

The CZ Scorpion is one of CZ's most successful PCC's. See how Garand Thumb upped the potency with a few accessories for a bit more sting.

Here’s How I Modified My AR15 Pistol Build

I wanted the perfect handguard. If it exists, it costs money, but this project didn’t cost me a dime. Here's how I modified my AR15 Pistol Build.

Custom Grips and Accessories: Got Wood?

AR 15 wood furniture isn't terribly common (and maybe not particularly practical), but its proponents are increasing - and properly done it sure looks good! Check out the artisans at Indignant Arms and Blackwood Trading Company.

Defensive Firearm Modifications, My Philosophy

In a perfect world guns would come perfect from the factory, but it doesn't quite work that way. Let's talk gun modifications to defensive firearms.

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