APS Just Rolled Out a Universal Dynamic Pistol Rest for SHOT 2022

One of the more exciting new products we got to see at SHOT Show 2022 was a new Dynamic Pistol Rest from Accurate Pistol Systems (APS). You may have seen the USA 1 Shot before, but this version, the USA 1Shot GS, is the first universal fit. Background Back in 2016, one of my local […]

New Holosun WML: the P.ID

Holosun didn't disappoint this year at SHOT. Along with some new red dots, they also came out with this new weapon-mounted light, the P.ID.

Check Out the Holosun SCS and EPS

The Holosun SCS and EPS are the two latest pistol sized red dots to flow into greedy hands at range day. What's the deal? Well, let's dig in.

The AEMS — Holosun’s Mini Monster

The Holosun AEMS is the latest red dot from Holosun. It's small but packs a good FOV. But is it worth your hard-earned dineros?

Tenicor ZERO Belt

We’ve all searched for the perfect low-profile concealed carry belt. Check out the minimalist, even reverse, design of this one from Tenicor.

Hellacious Upgrades: Hellcat Accessories and Hellcat Holster Options

Do you prefer any Springfield Hellcat accessories? What Hellcat Holster do you use? That's not a rhetorical question. OWB, IWB? Upgraded trigger? Magazine extensions? Help with this list!

Free Suppressor Promotion | SilencerCo

The company that just launched the world's 1st truly modular big-bore suppressor is kicking off their Black Friday sale with this promotion.

Open Vs. Enclosed Red Dot Optics — What’s the Deal?

Red dot optics come in a few flavors, including open and enclosed optics. Here are the pros and cons of each. Which do you use?

The Rare Breed FRT-15 Trigger: What is It and How Does it Work?

You probably heard of the Rare Breed FRT-15 trigger and the company’s coming fight with the Feds. Here's a closer look at the trigger.

Shootin’ Hack: How to Use a Rifle Sling

Does a rifle sling improve shooting performance? What things should you consider when choosing one? How do you use a rifle sling? Read this.

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