GoDark Faraday Bag — Stopping 1984 In Its Tracks!

From hackers and phishers to overreaching big brothers and foreign actors, lots of people want your data. Enter the GoDark Faraday Bag.

The Skallywag Tactical Guardian — Serrated Stabbiness

The Guardian from Skallywag Tactical is a unique blade that was designed to perform to a tactical methodology of use. Here are the details.

Blackhawk Commando Chest Rig — Modular, Versatile, and Reliable

The Blackhawk Commando Chest Rig is an old design but should not be discounted, whether for your loadbearing needs or as a loaner.

DeSantis Inside Heat — Smith and Wesson CSX Holster

The DeSantis Inside Heat is a great option if you're looking for a Smith and Wesson CSX holster. Here's what Jim Davis thinks of his.

7 Quality Knives Priced Under $100

We're hitting the sweet spot between $10 gas station knives and high-dollar models. Here are 7 quality knives that serve well, but won't break the bank.

Lingle Industries Lower — Scorpion up your APC9

Ever want to add Scorpion mags to your B&T APC9, APC9K, or GHM9? Well, Lingle Industries has you covered with the Scorpion Lingle Lower.

Budget Aimpoint? First Look at the Duty RDS Red Dot

Aimpoint optics may be known as pricey, but the new Aimpoint Duty RDS Red Dot is a cheaper option with the quality you'd expect from the brand.

The Top 5 AR 15 Back Up Iron Sights 

If you have an AR 15 you should have an optic, and if you have an optic you should have a set of backup iron sights. Here are my top five.

Training with Mantis X10 Elite

Four Guys Guns runs the Mantis X10 Elite and shows you what it can do to make you a better shooter with every session.

The Real Avid Gun Tool AMP — Pistol

Real Avid Gun Tool AMP packs your tools into a portable multi-tool, so now you can have your tools where and when you need them. Cool, eh?

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