JAKL 5.56 vs AR-15

In general, the long-stroke piston (like the AK-47) is more reliable than other systems. A rifle with this system will generally continue to cycle and fire correctly regardless of how dirty the gun gets. It also shoots cleaner than a gas impingement system, but it comes at a cost. Long-stroke piston systems tend to kick more and are not as accurate.

AXIL XCOR Bluetooth Earbuds for the Range

With the audio function turned on, I could easily hear those around me, and the sound was clear. When I would speak, my own voice sounded different to me than it does with earmuffs, but that’s to be expected. I fired several different calibers of handguns and rifles to test the XCOR buds.

Winchester’s 9422 XTR: A Little Lever In .22LR

Had we been headed to the field, we'd have each stuffed a couple hundred rounds into our coat pockets, which brings me to another of the .22's advantages - its light weight and compact size allow a lot of ammunition to be carried around easily. Such are the wonderful aspects of the .22 round.

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