Canik Firearm’s Miami Days and Miami Nights Limited Edition Pistols

Canik Firearms has released the next addition to the collectible Canik Signature Series with the “Miami Days and Miami Nights” versions. The limited-edition series will consist of 3050 individually numbered pistols of each of the Days and Nights versions, to pay homage to the iconic Miami 305 area code.

Canik Firearms Miami Days 9mm pistol
The Miami Days METE 9mm limited edition pistol has a custom color scheme paying homage to Miami with the skyline on the slide and a palm tree on the frame. [Photo credit: Canik USA]
The Miami METE SFT limited edition 9mm pistols were specifically designed to pay tribute to the city of Miami with the city skyline, palm trees, flamingos, and a color scheme hailing straight from Miami Vice. The pistol has the Collectors Series Logo and the serial number is stamped on the left side of the slide and will come with a Certificate of Authenticity.

Specifications for the pistols

  • Weight w/ 18+2 Mag: 1.74lb
  • Capacity: 18/20+1 rounds
  • Cartridge: 9mm Luger
  • Action Type: Semi-Automatic
  • Frame Material: Synthetic
  • Overall Length: 7.56”
  • Barrel Length: 4.46”

The pistol’s design, either Days or Nights option, will have a color-matching flared magwell and secondary magazine with a +2 round extension, for an overall capacity of 18 rounds in the first magazine and 20 in the extended mag. With the 18-round magazine, the pistol weighs just under 1.75 pounds.

The Miami Days and Nights 9mm pistol from Canik has an overall length of 7.56” and boasts a 4.46” long barrel. It has a white dot rear sight with a front sight post and the ready-out-of-the-box trigger that Canik is so well known for. The slide also features an angled rear sight edge for emergency one-handed operation.

Miami Nights METE 9mm pistol
The Miami Nights METE SFT 9mm pistol, like the Days version, has an out-of-the-box ready trigger, flamingo engraved on the barrel, and a color-matched magwell. [Photo credit: Canik USA]
In the box are interchangeable back straps so those with a larger grip can customize their pistol. The pistol is optics-ready with plates that readily accept the Trijicon RMRcc and Shield RMS/RMSc footprint optics. The package also includes Canik’s color-matching IWB/OWB (inside or outside waistband) holsters, tool kit, punch for easier disassembly, and a magazine loader. All these items, including a limited edition Miami patch, come inside the Signature Series storage and transportation case.

The 9mm pistol package is available, in either Days or Nights color scheme, for an MSRP of $769.99.

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