Camfour Custom Releases 1911 Garrison Pistol

Camfour has announced the release of its exclusive Springfield Armory 1911 Garrison pistol as its latest edition to the growing line of custom weapons. This new 1911 pistol offers unique case color hardening, engraving, and faux ivory grips for a one-of-a-kind look.

The 1911 Garrison pistol is the latest .45 ACP pistol in the lineup, more specifically, the 1911 Garrison Presidential Limited Edition model from Springfield Armory. The semi-auto pistol features a case-color hardened finish across the slide and frame. The frame is constructed from match-grade stainless steel, has faux ivory grips, and matches the 5” stainless steel match-grade barrel. The slide features detailed engraving and low-profile combat 3-dot sights.

Camfour Custom 1911 Garrison pistol
Camfour has released its newest custom pistol set with the Springfield 1911 Presidential Limited Edition Garrison .45 ACP pistol. The set includes the 7-round pistol, with engraving and faux ivory grips, a challenge coin, a custom box, and a certificate of authenticity. [Photo: Camfour]

Brandon Roper, President of Camfour, said – “we are excited to add this attractive 1911 Garrison to our lineup of Camfour Customs firearms. Partnering with CNC Firearms out of Texas to make this beautiful case color-hardened 1911 will give our dealers something unique to put in their case for their customers. This gun is not only pleasing to look at but functional with unique characteristics that stand out and help dealers draw customers to their store with these unique, very limited custom pieces.”

To round out the pistol’s features, it has a GI-style recoil system, an overall weight of 37 ounces, a total capacity of 7+1, and an overall length of just 8.6”. Only 200 of these pistols are being created, all sequentially numbered, and they are part of a package with multiple items. The pistol comes along with one magazine, a collector-grade box, a certificate of authenticity, a matching challenge coin, and a presentation card.

There is set pricing for the pistol at the time of publication, but the package will be available soon. Since only 200 are being produced, interested parties should act fast to ensure acquisition of the set.

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