New ETS CAM Loader For Rifles


You may recall the ETS CAM Loader for pistol magazines. Well now ETS has come out some something similar for double stack loading rifle magazines.

The CAM Loader for Rifles works similarly to their pistol loader. It has a railed section that allows you to scoop up rounds from a box of ammo and you use a plunger to push these rounds into the magazine.

cam rifle


According to ETS’ claims, this is a universal rifle magazine loader. In the video above they loaded an AR-15, AR-10, AK47, AK74, MP5, Scorpion Evo3, Colt/UZI, and even a Steyer Aug magazine all with the same CAM Loader for rifles.

Here are the details of the ETS CAM Loader for rifles.

Loads the following magazines:

AR15, AR10, AK47, AK74, FN SCAR-16/17, G36, Steyr Aug, MP5, Scorpion EVO, Colt SMG, UZI and more…


Loads following calibers:

5.56×45 / .223, .308, 7.62 x 39, 300BLK, 5.45 x 39, 9mm and more…



  • Lightning fast loading

  • Loader easily picks up rounds directly from the ammo tray or can also be used to load loose ammo

  • Loader will not damage the magazine in any way

  • Made from a durable polymer that will hold up to wear and tear

  • Portable and fits easily into your range bag or your pocket

  • Lifetime warranty


I am curious to see how easy it really is to use this loader as the magazines mentioned above are very dissimilar. Since it has to be compatible with all those different magazine shapes and calibers, I am skeptical about its reliability. 5.56 brass and .308 brass are vastly different diameters. I do not see how the railed section have hold onto both cartridges. Also I do not think the loader is attached to the magazine since all of those magazine have different style and position magazine notches. I believe the loader is just held up against the back of the magazine and is held in place merely by your hand.

I will try to get one to review it and see if it really is as universal and easy to see as it seems to be in the ETS video.