California-Compliant MARCK-15 Hydra Rifle

Hydra Weaponry, the Maine-based manufacturer of AR-style firearms, has released its newest edition of the popular MARCK-15 Hydra platform, which is compliant with the strict laws in California. This new model offers another option for those owners in that state, or any state, to enjoy the modular platform while staying within the legal means of the state.

The Cali-Compliant MARCK-15 is the base system from Hydra and highlights the points of the MGI Modular Weapon System. This model is chambered in 5.56×45 and is set up on the Hydra Modular Lower Receiver with the AR mag well with the fixed 10-round AR magazine. The upper features the Quick-Change Barrel upper, or QCB-D) complete with a no gas port 16” 5.56 bull barrel.

Hydra Weaponry MARCK-15 Hydra Cali-Compliant model
Hydra Weaponry has announced the newest Hydra rifle with a California-compliant model. This model with a fixed magazine, offers a 16″ barrel, Hydra’s modular system, and B5 Systems furniture. [Photo credit: Hydra Weaponry]
“Our Cali-Compliant MARCK-15 rifle features the same key elements of modularity, accuracy, and consistent performance as any of our other MARCK-15 models, but with all the state regulations of California built in,” Mack Gwinn, CEO of Hydra Weaponry, added.

The system runs with the Hydra Modified Bolt Carrier with a 5.56 bolt and firing pin. Additionally, it has the Hydra D-Fender D-Ring for enhanced reliability and B5 Systems pistol-grip stock. The Cali-Compliant MARCK-15 Hyrda is available with either an M-LOK, Keymod, or Picatinny rails to match up with user preferences.

The Hydra platform’s basis is versatility, and that’s where this rifle shines. With the base rifle, the end user can purchase different caliber conversion kits or magazine wells to upgrade their own rifle. Swapping to a new caliber can be as simple as a bolt and barrel or require a bit more, like a different magazine well. As always, it’s up to the end user to ensure they are following all local laws and regulations.

The MARCK-15 Hydra California-compliant rifle has an overall length of 21”, an overall height of 7”, and a weight of around 10 pounds. The M-LOK and Keymod versions are available with an MSRP of $1,399, while the Picatinny model has an MSRP of $1,5379.99.

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