Bond Arms Ups Calibers with Cyclops Derringer in .45-70

Bond Arms, the Texas-based manufacturer of quality derringers, has expanded its caliber offerings to include the .45-70 with the new Cyclops derringer. The .45-70 caliber takes a step forward and away from the thought that derringers can only be smaller caliber pistols.

Bond Arms Cyclops in .45-70
Bond Arms has upped its caliber options for its derringers with the Cyclops .45-70 Government. The single shot only derringer only has one barrel, keeping the weight up to help mitigate some of the recoil from the stronger load. (Photo credit: Bond Arms)

Initially announced at SHOT Show 2023, Bond Arms renewed the design and has started production on the Cyclops, saying it is built stronger and more durable than ever. The Cyclops has a bored-out 4.25” barrel on a single action frame, with an overall length of 6.75”.

The single-shot-only derringer is a slight departure from the other Bond Arms offerings with the over/under, but the absence of the second barrel means the pistol is heavier overall. And we all know that a heavier pistol helps to mitigate some felt recoil, especially with a bigger bore caliber like the .45-70 Government. According to the company, this is the first in a line of larger bore derringers coming with calibers such as 50 AE, 454 casull, and 44 Magnum.

Cyclops derringer engraving
The Bond Arms Cyclops derringer features a unique engraving on the muzzle end of the 4.25″ barrel. [Photo credit: Bond Arms]
The 28-ounce derringer has an extended and proprietary B6 resin grip giving it better ergonomics, fitting in the hand better, and making it easier to shoot. Like other Bond Arms derringers, the Cyclops has fixed sights on the barrel while the trigger has a guard and a sturdy 7-pound pull. One additional unique feature of the new derringer is the engraving at the front of the pistol, with a Cyclops face.

A word of note from the company is that the Cyclops frame with not be compatible with the Hand Canon, Stinger, or Stinger RS barrels, which is a slight divergence from their standard. The Bond Arms Cyclops in .45-70 is supposedly a rugged and dependable derringer while being fun to shoot. It is said to be the perfect derringer. MSRP is $699.

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