Bond Arms’ Updated Rowdy XL Handgun

Bond Arms has upgraded the popular Rowdy handgun with a new and modernized version, calling it the Rowdy XL. The Rowdy XL is bigger in size and has a more user-friendly design in the double-barrel handgun.

According to Bond Arms, the updated design uses a sturdy construction for proven performance in high-stress environments as well as on the range. The handgun has a straightforward design that is said to be full of features and potential uses and is available in 410/45 Colt.

Bond Arms Rowdy XL
Bond Arms has announced an updated Rowdy XL handgun. The Rowdy XL is a slightly beefed-up version of the original with bigger grips. [Photo credit: Bond Arms]


True to the Bond Arms’ style, the Rowdy XL has a 3.5-inch barrel which has been beefed up when compared to the original Rowdy model but kept the exceptional accuracy according to Bond Arms. The major change is the addition of the B6 grips, giving the Rowdy XL a larger grip surface for better hand contact and placement. The B6 grip is constructed from a durable rubber that helps mitigate recoil.

With the upgraded design, the handgun has two chambers in an over/under barrel design, fixed sights, and weighs in at 22 ounces. Even with the small size, 5.75 inches overall, the weight adds to the handling with the 410 or standard 45 Colt rounds. The trigger has a stout 7-pound trigger pull and an integrated trigger guard as an added safety measure.

Sporting an overall slightly muted finish, the handgun has a reduction in glare and helps keep the overall cost and price of the Rowdy XL down. If 410/45 Colt isn’t your thing, the barrel/chambers can be changed out quickly to meet your needs. It probably goes without saying, but the Rowdy XL has a two-round capacity and is a single-shot handgun.

Bond Arms states the Rowdy XL is the perfect companion pistol or personal defense option. The updated handgun from Bond Arms has an MSRP of $349.

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