Bond Arms Releases Texan Handgun

Bond Arms, the Texas-based firearm producer of many of the modern Derringers, has released its latest handgun, this time taking the adage of “Everything is bigger in Texas” and running with it. The new Texan handgun features a 6” barrel, and is functional and dependable, according to Bond Arms. The handgun can fire both 45 Colt as well as 3” 410 shells, including snake shot or slugs.

While having a 6” barrel isn’t anything new, it does add to the accuracy of the firearm and add to the overall look. On the barrel is a front blade sight with an integrated rear notched in the frame complete with a small picture of Texas engraved on the frame. Add to that the extended rosewood handles that feature the engraved picture of Texas with a star and a snake and you have the complete Texan homage.

Bond Arms Texan handgun
Bond Arms released its newest double-barreled handgun with the Texan. This 6″ barreled gun is capable of firing 45 Colt and 410 shells and features engravings as an homage to Texas. Like most other Bond Arms guns, the Texan is compatible with other standard Bond barrels. [Photo credit: Bond Arms]
Like almost all Bond Arms weapons, the Texan is constructed from stainless steel and features a double-barrel design. The Texas isn’t just stock options, it is compatible with all standard Bond barrels and has the integrated cross-bolt safety like other Bond models. The Texan also features a patented rebounding hammer to go with the 7-pound trigger for what Bond Arms says is decisive and effective firing that goes hand-in-hand with integrated retracting firing pins, spring-loaded and cammed locking lever, and integrated extractors.

The Bond Arms Texan weighs in at 27 ounces and is a touch over 8″ in overall length. Word of note from Bond Arms, while this firearm is an outstanding gun, due to the handgun design folks in California and Massachusetts can’t get their hands on this one. The Bond Arms Texan lives up to its namesake by being big on function and features. It currently has an MSRP of $700.

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