Blood, Mud, and Launch: The Kershaw Launch-7

With the leaves starting to change, the temps gradually dropping, and pumpkin spice shit everywhere, you know it’s that time of year – time to prep for Fall hunts, camping, or other adventure.  Many of my weekends are spent working at the hunting lease planting food plots, hanging tree stands, and clearing trails.  The lease is approximately two hours from where we live so it requires packing everything we could possibly need from dill pickle chips (those are a necessity in the south) to chainsaws and everything in between. This includes my EDC knife, the Kershaw Launch 7.

And this is a typical day with it. 

Kershaw Launch 7 clipped into pocket
The trails are calling. The Kershaw Launch 7 in my pocket has a reversible, right or left tip-up clip, giving you a little bit of discretion about how you carry it.

Before heading out to start on our first task of the day, we loaded the four-wheeler up with everything we will need, and of course, I have an EDC knife in my pocket. 

You never know when you will need a knife…but as soon as you don’t have one you will definitely need one. 

EDC with the Kershaw Launch 7 and Glock 43.
EDC with the Kershaw Launch 7 and Glock 43

The drawback to women’s jeans… the pockets are much smaller vs men’s jeans, leaving little room for anything.  Space is at a premium. 

Although many of my pocket knives are bulky, the Krenshaw Launch 7 is not. That much lower/sleeker profile is why this is a legitimate EDC knife (as opposed to one just for the ‘gramz). It has a 3.75” clip-point blade of CPM 154 and a sculpted handle, giving it a leaner geometry than some of my other knives. This allows it to fit perfectly in my pocket.  Also, the low-profile push button makes it harder for the blade to accidentally deploy in my pocket (which I definitely like). 

The Kershaw Launch-7 folding pocket knife

Now off to the trails. He runs the chainsaw while I swing the bush ax.  I go from girly girl to an-ax swinging amazon in a heartbeat.

(It makes me feel like an amazon, anyway, so just go with it.)

Swinging an ax and clearing trails reinvigorates and re-energizes me, it’s the best therapy after a long work week. 

Does anyone else get excited about swinging an ax? Or for that matter, pushing the button on an American-made switchblade knife and watching that blade snap out to work so quickly? 

Caught on trail cam
When you’re caught on trail-cam, choppin’…

Maybe I am a nerd, maybe it’s Maybelline, or maybe it’s just pretty damn cool. And that’s before we acknowledge the corrosion-resistant, wear-resistant, finely-edged blade…which it is, though people who carry Kershaws are probably already familiar with the quality design. 

Kershaw Launch 7 opening

But enough of that. 

Cutting paracord on a hunting lease with the Kershaw Launch 7
Cutting paracord to tie off feed backs.

After a few hours and a few fights with thorns, we have the trails cleaned up and a field clear of fallen trees and debris. Muddy and bloody, it is time to head on to the next task. 

Now, you are probably making some smartass comment to yourself right now about me wearing shorts to do this kind of work, and I don’t blame you. However, when you live in Alabama, you pick your poison: sweat to death in long pants or go home looking like you got into a catfight?

I chose the catfight route, obviously.

On the trail clearing brush at a hunting lease while carrying the Kershaw Launch 7
Sweat to death or bleed a little? Blood and mud, that’s just how it goes.

After clearing all that brush and bramble, it’s time to fill the feeders. All I can think about is dinner time. The Kershaw 7 sports a Drop Point style blade, which makes it handy to cut bags of corn, paracord to tie the remnants off, and later to carve up the tasty charred flesh of something that once had a parent. When you’re in the field, you often have one hand busy (or full). Having a knife that auto-opens might not be a requirement, but it’s definitely handy. 

Cutting paracord to tie off feed bags.
Cutting paracord to tie off feed bags.

Night falls and we are starving… At the lease, supplies are limited, we make do with what we have.  We grill (well he grills) steaks by the campfire for dinner, and yes I use the same knife I worked with earlier (cleaned with a baby wipe) to cut into that juicy, rare steak. The knife’s edge parts that meat like butter. 

Kershaw and a New York Strip. It's a perfect combo.
Kershaw and a New York Strip. It’s a perfect combo.

Food tastes so much better when someone else cooks it, just saying. 

Solid thumbs up to the Kershaw-7 as an actual EDC utility knife. I’ve used it for over a year now without issue, it has withstood all the abuse thrown at it, and the edge retention remains impressive.

Kershaw Launch 7 blade

And now for the most important part — The quality is top-notch for the price point and it is MADE IN THE USA!

knife collection
The Kershaw Launch 7 with a few more in my collection.
Grilling with one fire while another one burns - a gorgeous night in the Alabama back country.
Grilling with one fire while another one burns — a gorgeous night in the Alabama backcountry.

Kershaw Launch-7

The following information is provided by Kershaw about their Launch-7 model EDC knife.

With its machined handle and integrated backspacer, the Launch 7, designed by Tim Galyean, has an industrial look that takes it out of the ordinary. The long 3.75-inch clip-point blade of CPM 154 and sculpted handle give the Launch 7 a long, lean profile. Machined contours on both handle top and bottom give it a modern, industrial aesthetic and ensure a solid grip. The backspacer is fully integrated into the handle, adding to the Launch 7’s solid feel and great look.

Kershaw Launch 7 EDC Knife specs

  • Made in the USA
  • The CPM 154 powdered metallurgy blade steel takes and holds an excellent edge, provides corrosion resistance, wear resistance, toughness
  • Lightweight, strong anodized aluminum handle is highly sculpted and attention-getting
  • A low-profile push button makes it harder for the blade to accidentally deploy
  • Blade Length 3.75 in. (9.5 cm)
  • Blade Material CPM 154
  • Blade Finish/Coating Cerakote
  • Blade Thickness 0.121 in. (3 mm)
  • Closed Length 5 in. (12.7 cm)
  • Handle Material 6061-T6 aluminum
  • Handle Finish/Coating Gray anodized
  • Handle Thickness 0.47 in. (12 mm)
  • Overall Length 8.6 in. (21.8 cm)
  • Weight 3.2 oz. (91 g)

Features + Details

  • Edition Dealer Only
  • Use Everyday, Work, Tactical
  • Type Automatic, Folder
  • Style Pocketknife
  • Designer Tim Galyean
  • Blade Style Drop Point
  • Blade Edge Plain
  • Opening Action Automatic
  • Opens With Push-button
  • Lock Type Push-button lock
  • Pocketclip Reversible (right/left, tip-up)
  • Handle Color Gray
  • Made in USA Yes
  • Country of Origin USA: Design, Prototype, Quality Control, Manufacture
  • Warranty Limited Lifetime Warranty

Kershaw Launch 7 EDC Knife specs

Kershaw Launch 7 EDC Knife specs

Jessica Kallam is an industry professional with well over two decades of experience in the outdoor industry.  Most of that time has been spent working the firearms side of things, but she did have a short tenure in the fishing industry.  If she’s not at work, you can probably find her in the woods. Or in the mountains. Or on the beach. Or...well, you get the idea. Jess would rather be outdoors.

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