Suppressing Your AR-10/AK on the Cheap: $199 Options from Black Aces Tactical


During the past decade, the sound suppressor market seems to have caught fire in terms of popularity. To meet the growing demand for affordable suppressors, Black Aces Tactical announced an expansion of its Po’ Boy line.

Even though suppressors are regulated in a manner similar to machine guns, they really aren’t much different than mufflers on a car – both in design and purpose. A sound suppressor is just a muffler that helps to reduce the noise from a gunshot to levels that are less likely to cause permanent hearing damage. As shooters have become more educated about them and the legal process in obtaining one, sales have shot up.

The Black Aces Tactical Po Boy .30 caliber suppressor

One of the drawbacks to suppressor adoption is the money involved. In addition to the price of the product, you must purchase a tax stamp from the federal government to own one. Since the tax is non-negotiable, the price of the suppressor is highly scrutinized by many potential buyers. That’s why a sub-$200 suppressor like the Po’ Boy really captures the attention of many shooters.

Initially offered for 5.56/.223 guns as the Pro Series 56 Po’ Boy, the line now includes the Pro Series 30 and Pro Series 47 Po’ Boy suppressors. Both of the new suppressors are designed as direct thread cans and work with .30 caliber rounds such as the .308 Win and the 7.62×39. Additionally, the suppressor will work with larger diameter rounds like the .338 Lapua.

The main difference between the two new suppressors is the thread pitch. The Pro Series 30 suppressor has a thread pattern 5/8-24 of which will work with many AR-10 style rifles. For those with an AK-pattern rifle, the Pro Series 47 has a thread pattern of 14×1. Some imported AK rifles are re-threaded, so make sure you confirm your thread pattern before trying to attach any kind of muzzle device.

The Black Aces Tactical Po Boy .30 caliber suppressor

Both suppressors are made with a 4130 steel exterior and 316 stainless steel interior. Black Aces Tactical then finishes the cans with a Cerakote process. They are user serviceable; you can open them up with an AR stock wrench and clean the baffles.

Black Aces Tactical set the suggested price on these cans at $199. Considering that they are rated for sustained full-auto fire (with a 16” barrel – limited full-auto with shorter barrels), that’s a price tag worth talking about.