Best Value 9mm PCC? Grand Power Stribog

If you take a look at the price of the Stribog compared to the B&T APC9, you might think the Stribog is going to be an inferior product since it retails for something like a third of what the B&T costs. But according to Garand Thumb, that’s just not the case. In the video below he covers the details about the Stribog and why he thinks the Stribog is the best value 9mm PCC? Watch the video.

Stribog Tip to Butt

Thumb’s video review covers many Stribog features, including the barrel, finish, rails, charging handle, length of pull, recoil, sights, magwell, Safety, grip handle, grip, end cap.  The trigger and generous trigger guard are especially impressive to Thumb. As he puts it, “The Stribog got it right when it comes to the trigger.”

Best value 9mm pcc - Stribog - gun review by Garand Thumb.
Thumb likes the trigger so well, he demonstrates it several times in the video.

He also talks about Stribog’s performance. For the review, he ran about 2000 rounds through it straight out of the box. No lube, suppressed, in the dirt, no cool-off time — he ran the gun hard and came back to say that the best value 9mm PCC is the Stribog from Grand Power.

9mm PCC Stribog - field tested by Garand Thumb.
The magazine well is generously flared.

9mm PCC Stribog Specs:

  • Caliber: 9mm Luger
  • Action: Dynamic Blowback Mass Bolt
  • Capacity: 30+1
  • Barrel Length: 8″ 1/2×28 Thread + Thread Protector
  • Front Sight: Flip-up Polymer
  • Rear Sight: Flip-up polymer
  • Finishes: Black
  • Grips: Polymer
  • Construction: HTS aluminum alloy
  • Safety: Ambidextrous External Safety
  • Weight: 82 oz.
  • Length: 14.74″
  • Height: 8″

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