The Best Selling Guns of a Record Breaking June

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Holy hell was June a big month for the firearms industry! Damn right, Piers Morgan! Guns flew off the shelves faster than my ex-wife spends her alimony. That leaves us with just one big question: what are the best selling guns of June?

2020 has seen record gun sales: but what's the most poplar model?

Suck it, Piers Morgan.

June was the third month in a row where NICS checks set a record since its implementation. June saw the FBI process 3.9 million background checks through the NICS system as concerns over the COVID pandemic, riots, and of course, the upcoming election looms. March set a record with 3.7 million background checks just to set some perspective.


3.9 million background checks don’t necessarily mean 3.9 million guns were sold. In fact, likely many more were purchased. Some NICS checks may represent multiple purchases, meaning multiple guns or receivers sold. Also, 25 states allow concealed carry permit holders to skip a background check.

Rest assured, more than 3.9 million guns were sold in the United States in the month of June.

Best Selling Guns of June

What guns were sold? Well, good question. It’s tough to say, but Gunbroker gives us a decent idea by publishing lists of their most popular selling guns broken down by category. Their list is extensive, breaking down by every type you could imagine. You can see the full list here, but we are going to break down the top 5 from the more common and popular categories of firearms. I mean, pump-action rifles are cool, but I don’t think a lot of people are interested in them.

Semi-Auto Pistols

Glock 19 – Well duh, the Glock 19 is Gaston’s most popular gun and has probably single-handedly bought him a yacht and a younger wife. This classic 9mm carry gun has been a favorite carry gun for decades for its perfect compromise of size. I don’t doubt the Glock 19 will top the best selling list for a long time.

The ubiquitous Glock 19

SIG P320 – The P320 has been swinging around it’s BDE for a few years now and grown to be a popular Glock alternative. The P320 is also the military’s new handgun, and that alone will help drive sales for decades to come.

Springfield Hellcat – The Hellcat was my first XD series handgun and color me impressed. The 11 to 13 round capacity in a small, near pocket-sized package, took the P365 on for the title of big things in small packages.

SIG P365 – My daily carry gun seems to be half the world’s daily carry gun. The SIG P365 was the first gun to find a way to squeeze double-stack capacity in a single stack frame. This mighty mouse will be on the charts for a long time.


S&W M&P 9 Shield – The old school single stack 9mm. The S&W Shield is a bit old school these days, but still a helluva carry a gun at an incredible price. What’s not to love?


Colt Python – I’ve heard the Python’s have problems, but that’s not stopping me, or anyone else from buying one. The Python is old school cool, and that’s everything a revolver should be. The Python is on the best selling list because of sex appeal, not for practicality.

Gun News - The 2020 Python features modern stainless steel alloys and a re-designed rear sight.

The 2020 Python features modern stainless steel alloys and a re-designed rear sight.

Taurus 856 – The 856 is a new one from Taurus, and it’s the Model 85 with an added round giving you a snub nose six-gun. The 856 is an affordable revolver option, and Taurus indeed produces enough of them in various color options. In fact, there are enough you can match all your shoes.

S&W Model 642 – This pretty stainless gal is everything a snub nose should be. Small, lightweight, and plenty powerful. This air weight model weighs next to nothing and gives +P compatibility.

Heritage Arms Rough Rider – If the Ruger 10/22 is the ultimate starter rifle, the Rough Rider is the ultimate starter handgun. This 22 LR revolver costs less than two bills and replicates a cowboy six gun with its single-action design. It’s an odd one in a time where self-defense seems to be the gun of choice.

Taurus Judge – A 410 pistol that’s mostly ineffective for anything other than inaccurately shooting 45 Colt rounds made the list for reasons unbeknownst to me.

I got nothing here. I have no idea why that’s a best-selling gun.

Semi-Auto Rifles

S&W M&P 15 – A quintessential starter AR the M&P 15 is an affordable AR 15 that’s quite reliable. The M&P 15 series is a good bang for your buck, and while it’s far from fancy, it gets the basics right. AR 15s top 4 out of 5 spots on this best selling list.

Ruger AR-556 – The Ruger AR-556 is another perfect beginner’s AR 15 that gets the basics right without too much fuss. Guns like this are often the first gone in times of uncertainty. Perfect for newbies and far from bank-breaking.

SHOT Show 2020 - Gun News - Ruger announces their AR-556 with free floating handguard is now available chambered in .300 Blackout.

Kel-Tec SUB 20000 – The only non AR on the list! This sweet PCC is another affordable option chambered in standard calibers, and it can even take Glock mags. It also folds in half for easy transportation and storage.

Springfield Saint – Another AR that comes in at a great price, but this one comes with furniture from BCM to make it stand ou a little more than most. The Saint is a little fancier but remains affordable and straightforward.

DB 15 – Another AR on the list, like the Saint, it’s a bit pricier but still affordable and relatively simple. It comes in lots of cool colors and modern modular furniture that makes it a little more than average.

Pump Action Shotguns

Mossberg 590 – Another big duh. The Mossberg 590 is an excellent combat shotgun, and if I was purchasing my first, it would be a 590. Mossberg is the choice of shotgun for the United States military. I love my 590, and I might be responsible for why it’s on the best selling list.

The Mossberg 590M with a 20 round magazine.

Remington 870 – I bet the Mossberg and the Remington trade top spots frequently as both are quintessential American shotguns. The Remington 870 is slightly more refined, and deep blued options are always desirable.

Kel Tec KSG – A Bullpup powerhouse giving you more than average capacity in a pump-action shotgun. The KSG is a compact powerhouse that’s been a popular and unconventional choice.

Mossberg 500 – Functionally, he 500 and 590 are identical. The 500 is more of a sporting gun with some tactical models out there. It’s lighter, has a different mag tube, and ultimately a bit cheaper.

Kel Tec KS7 – The KS7 is a lighter, single tube KSG. It’s easy to handle and a little more traditional. It’s new, but also very affordable, so it’s no surprise it makes the list. I was pleasantly surprised by how handy and fun the KS7 is. I’m surprised it’s made the best selling list so soon.

The new Kel-Tec KS7, a 7 round Kel-Tec Shotgun.

June’s Best Selling Guns – Notable Contenders

We listed the top five of the most popular categories, but now we are going to look at the number one gun from the less popular categories.

Bolt Action Rifles

Remington 700 – Another big duh. The Remington 700 is one of the most popular bolt action rifles ever made They are widely used for both tactical and hunting use. They served Marine snipers for decades in various configurations, and one has been my dad’s hunting rifle of choice since before I was born.

Lever Action Rifle

Marlin 1895 – An interesting choice and one that may have won out due to how many models exist. The 1895 comes in various calibers, including 444 Marlin, 410 bore, and of course, 45-70. The new Dark series of rifles is a delightfully modern take on old school lever actions. It’s a classy choice.

Pump Action Rifles

Henry Pump Action – Pump-action rifles are a weird one, but they exist, and the Henry is an elegant design. This rimfire pump action rifle is super sweet with a great price tag. Henry makes excellent guns, and I can see why they are on the best selling list.

Single Shot Rifles

Traditions G2 – It’s a simple single-shot rifle available in a ton of different calibers. These simple rifles are often affordable and robust. The G2 is a prevalent model and does what any hunter needs it to do while being decently modular.

Lever Action Shotguns

Henry Axe – Technically this isn’t a shotgun. The Axe is a firearm a lot like the Shockwave. It’s a 410 lever action firearm that is a ton of fun to shoot and handle. It’s one of the most fun guns I’ve ever felt, and it’s my favorite gun on this best selling list as far fun firearms go.

Semi-Auto Shotguns

IWI TS 12 – The TS 12 has an impressive design, revolutionary really, with a 15 round capacity, fantastic ergonomics, and an unbeatable bullpup system. I didn’t have much luck getting mine to run, but lots of people seem to be getting work done with the TS 12.

(My favorite shotgun, the Benelli M4, was number 2 by the way.)

Single Shot Shotguns

Savage 301 – The Savage 301 encompasses precisely what a single shot shotgun should be. Simple, robust, easy to use, and cheap. With a sub 200 dollar price tag, I can see precisely why this gun sells so well and made the best selling list.

Over Under Shotguns

Stoeger Condor – Over-under shotguns can run up to 20K and eat your soul. The Stoeger Condor is affordable, but a high-quality option. Stoeger is owned by Beretta, who owns Benelli, making them the magnificent shotgun trifecta, so it’s no surprise the Condor is so popular. It’s not a Beretta, but it also doesn’t cost as much as my car.

Side By Side Shotguns

Stoeger Coach Guns – SxS shotguns aren’t produced for much anymore, and they seem to be collector’s items and guns for cowboy larpers. The Stoeger Coach gun is a more internal hammer shotgun that gives you the SxS experience without a high price tag. SxS guns are tons of fun, and like the Stoeger O/U guns, the SxS models are affordable and well made.

It’s Good to be June

The best selling guns of June had some surprises, as well as some predictable patterns. We all knew AR 15s are going to top the list, but who saw the Henry Axe dominating? What do you guys think?

Gun store owners, does this reflect what you’ve seen as well?

Let us know what you think in the comments!

Travis Pike is a former Marine Machine Gunner, a lifelong firearms enthusiast, and now a regular guy who likes to shoot, write, and find ways to combine the two. He holds an NRA certification as a Basic Pistol Instructor and is the world’s Okayest firearm’s instructor.

  • GomeznSA

    The Judge shoots .410 bore rounds – likely highly effective close in with such loads as the PDX Defender rounds. But I imagine you already know that. 😉

  • betterboy

    The list might have been different if California did not have a old (unconstitutional) list of permissible guns (that also infringes my right to bear arms). We can’t own a P320 and the S&W shield that we can buy is the old model – not even the 2.0 version. When is someone going to stop the infringing by our corrupt CA bozos?

    • Kimberley Asselin

      when the voters wake up to their shrinking rights en masse

      • betterboy

        Voters are brain washed by the corrupt media. Just look at what the media has done with the fake pandemic. I’m afraid there is no hope. A better question from me would have been “How do we get the media to only tell the truth”.

        • Bradley Young

          Just move. CA has no hope. LA needs to give all that water back to the people upstream anyway. When enough people leave it will send CA on a slope they won’t recover from. I live in NC and am surprised at just how many CA plates I see here. Both states have oceans so I doubt they came here for the beaches! LOL

          • betterboy

            A friend of mine moved to NC last year North of Charlotte. He is happy there now. The problem is that the media is continuing to brain wash the people – they voted in a dem governor. He said they now require masks now. The dem pandemic is the real pandemic that is poisoning the nation and they are doing it by constant lying and propaganda by every MSM except a few on Fox and some independents such as “nomorefakenews”.

    • George Heidke Sr

      Solution…………..MOVE !!!!!

      • betterboy

        Yes, but where? The media is reporting lies everywhere.

  • George Heidke Sr

    The article takes some info from Gunbroker…………look at the bids & bidder’s on GB……….New buyer’s, pushing prices to double & triple value !! Check it out !!!

    • betterboy

      Supply and demand! Maybe some of the democrats who thought previously that the police could protect them from a home invasion have realized from the rioting and looting that the only thing that will enable you to survive a killer crowd of crazies is a gun. People thought the “walking dead” was just a TV show – now they see the danger from the “walking brain dead” democrat anarchists. They want to defund the police for safer looting!

      • dukhunr

        Dont give those Dummocraps any credit of realizing anything. They do not give two rat turds whether you are protected or not. They have private security, you have the cops which are now in lesser numbers and being defunded by anarchist-loving communist politicians that call themselves progressive, liberal, or democrats. Simply put, this is nothing but power grab and control. If you control what the peasants can and cannot own and do, then you control the peasants. The peasants being all of us, the 99.9% of the US population. The elite reigning politicians being the other 0.1% The one thing they obviously do not realize is they are starting a civil war that they will lose horribly.

        • betterboy

          I was in a store a few weeks ago. I don’t wear a mask because I’m not sick. Some guy with a jock strap covering his face says, “excuse me can you please wear a mask”. I said, “do you work here”. He said, “no, but the manager wants everyone to wear a mask”. I got annoyed and angry, and told him I had a medical condition and I was not going to wear a mask. Then I saw him talking to the manager who appeared to be telling him to leave it alone.
          I blew it! I let my anger come out and I was nasty to the guy and if I was not triggered I could have kept my cool and tried to convert him into taking off his mask. My point is there are some good dems and you can read their stories on youtube #walkaway. It is better for us to recognize that it is smart to convert using common sense and facts rather than to dump anger.

          • dukhunr

            if there were hope for those people, we would see a mass exodus from that party, but i dont see that. Remember, this is the party that started the KKK (remember Lincoln was a Republican and freed slaves and outlawed slavery). Long time Senate Majority Leader Robert Byrd (dem, WV) was a former KKK grand wizard and personal friend of Joe Biden. It was the democrats that voted against the Civil Rights Act of 1964, not the Republicans, and it has been the Democrats that have been systematically racist over the past 50-60 years by keeping black Americans enslaved into housing projects and dependent upon government entitlement programs designed to take away all self-sufficiency and hope. They have accomplished all this by doing one thing, telling everyone that it’s the Republicans are the racist party. They have proved by telling a lie at least 3 times, it will become the truth to a huge number of listeners. For those Democrats that have recently switched parties, what took them so long to do so? All of what i just said is documented in our history books.

          • betterboy

            You are 100% correct. That is why I say the communist controlled media is what is enabling them to take over the country. There needs to be an EO to force the MSM to tell the truth. They are using psychological warfare methods to brain wash the less than brilliant public – that must stop and it is better for us civilians to educate those dummies and expose them to the truth. If it only works 5% of the time it is better than forcing them deeper into hating us deplorable s using anger and shame.

  • Therecordkeeper

    I was born in California. Went to California public schools in the 1950s and 60s, including the University of California, and I can assure you every APPROVED gun for sale in the state will kill anything you might fear. The Constitution does not promise individual gun ownership by manufacturer or by model. And before you start throwing turds and name calling, I am a gun owner and everyone of them is lethal.

    • betterboy

      I won’t call you a name, but I will duck the turds you are throwing. First of all, since the constitution does not limit what arms can be owned then all arms can be owned. Look up the word infringe. There is a reason the word infringe was used and it is clear – anything that infringes even a tiny bit is unconstitutional. Making some BS list to limit access is just another gun control infringement. Did you know that there are guns not approved for the public like the P320, but law enforcement can buy one in CA? If the gun is not “safe” for the public why is it safe enough for the military and cops? It is BS! And your argument for all the “approved” guns will kill anything I might fear is not only infringing, but nonsense because what works better for me might be a Walther PPQ that I’m not “allowed” to own and the difference might be that split second that saves my life, so stop preaching a bunch of crap to support the liars and crooks running my state that piss on the constitution and rights of Americans. Your brand of laying down and allowing “the elite” like Gruesome Newsom to dictate what you can and can not do is unAmerican and sickening to patriots who abide by the constitution and despise those who piss on our rights. So, don’t shoot yourself in the foot by being lemming – stand up for our rights and fight the commies that want to control every aspect of your life until you become their slave.

    • singlestack

      You’re a leftopathic moron and traitor. Stupid, too. Typical. stupid, simple-minded, delusiional leftopath.
      Gawd, I’d take a hundred schizophrenics over one of you SFB any day.

    • disqus_tzf3a7eO2g

      You need to get out more, out of the state of confusion your living in. Your deluding yourself if you think that the Democrats are going to stop at just limiting what you can own. That list will keep getting longer until you cant buy any firearm in California. I have lived in California for 33 years, it just keeps getting more and more restrictive. Taxes keep going up, gas and bridge tolls keep going up, background checks for ammo purchases. And on and on. Its not worth it anymore. Ill be out of here by Fall, and good riddance. Newsome and the rest of the wackos that lord over this place can have it.

  • reaganisashamed

    Nice to see the rest of the sane… truly educated public… seeing truth…. Instead of drinking the Kool aide… No…. The answer is not in the boxcar…. Let Freedom Ring…..

  • Mike Strunk

    Now there is no ammo! To those of you not prepared…..good luck. Going without will be awhile.