Become a Ninja Today! Vertx Low-Profile Apparel

What do you think when you hear low-profile apparel, sword-fighting Ninjas? Yeah, me too. Unfortunately, no sword-fight ninjas here. But, Vertx has just announced a new Paratus Hoody addition to its low-profile apparel line.

Vertx Paratus Hoody. Low-profile apparel good for concealed carry.

Apparently, the hoody is great for hiking mountain trails or tracking people of interest—according to Vertx.

They tell us the Paratus blends into its surroundings while mirroring the wearer’s movements and activity levels—Okay, it really sounds kind of ninja-ish to us.

“We are always striving to continue to add new and innovative pieces to our lines”

-Denny Bogard, GM/VP of Vertx.

Vertx also says it can be worn almost all year-round and is indispensable for changing up one’s appearance and silhouette—Seriously, when are the ninjas coming? We need them to come model it being worn as outerwear and under a shell jacket.

Vertx Paratus Hoody in Canopy Green.

You can purchase the Paratus in three different colors, Blue Surge (for when you’re tracking the enemy at sea), Canopy Green (when you’re trailing your adversary through The Lost Woods), or Tarmac (when you’re going for more of a discreet Grand Theft Auto).

“The Paratus does just that. On the surface it fits the bill of your classic pullover hoody, but underneath it’s built with the features our end-user needs to carry comfortably whether it’s for work or everyday.”


Jokes aside, Vertex tells us the Paratus was cut and constructed for comfort. And unlike some hoodies, this one is resistant to wear. It’s also intended for long-term service without getting that ragged appearance (often seen after a few too many times through the washer and dryer).

Another quality Vertx has highlighted is the AbrasionGuard lining. The lining was made to protect the fleece shell from friction and snags. AbrasionGuard lining is also meant to reduce the print many of us have when wearing our concealed carry weapon (CCW).

Vertx Paratus Hoody in Blue Surge, view from back.

If that’s not enough for you, Vertx went as far as making sure there’s a drop-back hem. This hem makes sure your belt and lower back stay covered when you’re doing more strenuous activities—as they put it.

The drop-back hem also protects against draft, meaning you stay cozy when it’s cold and windy out.

There’s also a front kangaroo pouch, which you can keep your ninja-fighting equipment in! But for real, there is a front kangaroo pouch for easy access to your essential items. And the pouch conceals a hidden zipper pass-through, which allows for quick and discrete access to your CCW, or any other item mounted on your waistband.

Vertx Paratus Hoody with hidden kangaroo pouch and hidden zipper pass-through for concealed carry.

And finally, there’s a three-piece fitted hood with flatlock seams; they tell us is built to help maximize comfort. It can also be adjusted for weather or to enhance your ninja communication equipment by using the drawcord.

If you’re interested in becoming a ninja, today, the new Paratus Hoody can be purchased on Vertx for an MSRP of $84.99.

Ashley Bunch is the first Tennesse-born Mag Life...we think. She's an Air Force Security Forces veteran and former dog-handler-turned-journalist (like, real journalist, with an advanced degree and previous internships at big publications and everything). As you might expect from someone who works with us, she's a bit of a smartass, a dedicated student of the hoplological arts (and the recent recipient of a Masters Degree in Psychology!), an ardent traveler, and more than a bit of a foodie. Ashley is a dangerous girl, particularly if your first name is Channel, Flathead, or Blue — Bunch has kilt and eaten many an insolent catfish. She'd rather be camping and fishing than just camping, just camping rather than just hiking, and just hiking rather than sitting at home. If she is sitting at home, however, there's likely a big damn jar of sweet tea and a whole pile of books somewhere nearby.

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