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All about the AK 12

This "Combat Approved" show about the AK-12 was maybe the best behind-the-scenes Kalashnikov programs we've seen yet. Check it out.

Taurus GX4 Reviews: Solid Concealed Carry

The new Taurus GX4 clearly competes with big name subcompacts, but is aimed at shooters who don’t want to spend $500+ on a concealed carry gun.

Building A Tactical Lever Action Rifle

It's not as hard as you'd think to modernize a lever gun, nor are they as useless or antiquated as some aver. Build a modern tactical lever action rifle.

SIG P365 Holster Options for your Every (365) Days of Carry

The P365 is made to be carried everyday, but even with a small gun that can be tricky. Here's a SIG P365 holster lineup to help you get it done right.

John Wick Guns: the Ones He Uses (and How)

John Wick guns; there are lots and lots of them, as you've probably seen. What are they though? And what's the symbolism framing their use?

Sight Tool Selection: 7 Options for Your DIY Gun Mod

Gone are the days that swapping out your sights. required professional gunsmithing. Here is our list of the top five sight tools.

Holosun 507c | Big Bird Review

In the market for a new micro red dot for your pistol or looking to get into your first RDS pistol? Wondering about Holosun? Here is a review of the Holosun 507C.

The Ultimate AK Gift Guide

Need a gift for the Kalash enthusiast in your life? We've built an AK gift guide that covers it all, from gold AK 47s to custom AK furniture and all sorts of AK 47 accessories. Take a look!

G43X/48: Glock Slimline Mags and Accessories for Work and Pleasure

G43X and G48: their continued popularity has led to a whole slew of aftermarket Glock 43X accessories and Glock 48 upgrades. We've seen an increasing number of new Glock 43X magazine and Glock 48 mag options too.

Tension Shooting with a Sling

When I was 14 I decided I was going to join the Marines, at that point my life changed, or at least part of it did. I began consuming military fiction, and non-fiction and Tom Clancy made his way to the top of the pile. The original Rainbow Six was a favorite, and that is […]

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