Patti Miller is one of the most awesome females in the tactical/firearm (or any) industry. Imagine a tall, hawt, dangerous Laura Ingalls Wilder type with cool hair and a suppressed blaster and you'll be getting the idea. What's interesting is that in addition to being a willing brawler and intrepid adventuress, she's also an Ent/Ogier level gardener and a truly badass baker.

Kel-Tec Expands — Acquires Wyoming Plant

Joining the likes of Magpul, Kel-Tec CNC Industries has made the move to the Equality State. The company plans to expand their production with the acquisition of a 33,000 square foot facility in Rock Springs, Wyoming,

MeproLight Hyper-Bright Sights for IWI Masada and Masada Slim

MeproLight has upgaded its line of sights to include the Hyper-Bright sets for IWI Masada and Masada Slim 9mm pistols.

LOK Grips Teams Up With Sig Sauer P320 FCU

LOK Grips teams up with Sig Sauer in its Custom Design Studio to offer GridLOK and Veloce grips and backstraps to end users.

Wilson Combat Celebrates 45 Years with Anniversary Edition 1911

To commemorate their 45th Anniversary of gunsmithing, Wilson Combat is bringing back the classic “retro” style 1911 that built the foundation of Wilson’s business back in the late 1970s and early 1980s. Custom 1911 handguns of that period were rapidly evolving based on the needs of practical pistol shooters and Wilson Combat emerged as a […]

Black Collar Arms Adjustable Pistol Support

Black Collar Arms APS is the first of its kind AR pistol support that attaches on the buffer tube for height adjustments for precision.

The Concealed Carry Chest Pack: a Good (if Niche) Way to Go Armed

A concealed carry chest pack is a great option not just for going armed in the backcountry, but also for keeping medical and other kit handy.

TALON Grips Acquires ArachniGRIP

TALON Grips has acquired ArachniGRIP, a company that makes after-market grip enhancements that help shooters ensure a solid grip on their weapon.

Hornady TrekLite Security Lock Box XXL — A Travel Friendly Option

The Hornady TrekLite XXL is about a third of the weight compared to the standard Hornady Lock Box but offers heavy duty protection.

1791 Gunleather Holsters for Smith and Wesson M&P 380 Shield EZ

1791 Gunleather offers several options for individuals who choose the Smith & Wesson M&P 380 Shield EZ for everyday carry.

ZeroTech Optics Upgrades Thrive HD Line of Reflex Sights

The ZeroTech Thrive HD Reflex Sight has advanced shake awake technology, so it’s ready to go when you are. 

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