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SI Polyflex Slide Back Plate: for your M&P

The PolyFlex SBU (Slide Back Plate) is a new accessory for your Smith & Wesson M&P from Strike Industries for toolless slide disassembly.

Red Smoke and Thermite for your morning coffee

Red smoke grenades, violet smokes, Thermite incendiary grenades...these are pretty much the perfect addition to your range bag or morning coffee routine.

Duty TACO: Moar Now Available

HSGI has released some new TACO mag pouches in their Duty TACO series: some doubles and triples, in a wide range of uniform colors and camo patterns.

Clawgear Top Rail: get more real estate on that AUG A3

Clawgear makes Steyr AUG parts and accessories, including QD attachments, modular scope mounts, and now a top rail for more effective real estate.

UPRISER: a Ruger PC Carbine chassis “upgrade” from Tandemkross

Tandemkross just released a rifle chassis "upgrade" for the Ruger PC Carbine. They call it the Upriser, and its features will likely appeal to many PC Carbine lovers.

Experience in Violence on GFC: Gunfighter Cast is back at it!

Interpersonal violence, predatory behavior, criminal can learn a lot from someone who spent time in prison. Listen to this interview with Varg Freeborn.

Bigger, Better, Faster: the State of GunMag

GunMag Warehouse: we moved to Texas. We’re stocked and loaded and back at it. Time to spend some of that tax return — or at least to ask for more allowance! We’re bigger, better, and faster than ever. More specifically: • We moved everything from Miami to Coppell, Texas and got it settled in. • […]

Tri-Base Buffer Tube hardpoints: new QD Sling Mount option from GrovTec

The "Tri-Base Buffer Tube" from GrovTec is a design intended to provide and easily mount three QD sling mount attachment points without disassembling the weapon.

“V22M” | Vudoo Gun Works goes Magnum with their new action.

The Vudoo Gun Works V22 world has expanded in a Magnum way — enter the V22M Gen 2 action.  for 22 Magnum and 17HMR. Good news for precision shooters!

Kriss Vector SDP-SB: a Garand Thumb “tip to butt” exposition

The Kriss Vector really shines when used as a select fire subgun - and even better when it's suppressed. It makes for an interesting pistol too, however. Ask Garand Thumb how he knows.

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