An avid anti-water activist, you can usually find Michelle C. Meyers drinking fancy coffee, though this transforms into bougie bourbon at 5 o’clock, in the comforts of the austere environments found only in Northern Virginia.  Her contemplation of the importance of the "self-rescuing princess" inspired her to become an officer in the United States Marine Corps, outshooting her counterparts, and training and traveling all over the Pacific theater courtesy of U.S. Navy boats. After leaving active duty, she took her propensity for crayon consumption and elite power point skills to a light infantry battalion in the Army National Guard. When she’s not doing more pull ups than you, grudgingly working on her run times, or accumulating excessive amounts of range and training class time, Michelle is beating the computer keyboard into submission working on projects she might not actually finish. She has previously written for Breach-Bang-Clear and currently contributes to the Galaxy’s Edge Universe. Her debut novel, Forget Nothing, through Galaxy’s Edge Press was published as an Amazon Original and secured a spot on the Associated Press Weekly Audible Best Sellers list for three weeks in a row.

Good notes: Ways to Maximize Your Training Investment

Good notes aren't something you should scratch out half-assed on whatever scrap of paper happens to be nearby. Check out these note-taking tips: Increase the value of your training investment.

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