Apex Competition Trigger Kits for Ruger Mk IV Pistols

Upgrading your Ruger Mark IV or Mark IV 22/45 pistol is easy with an Apex Competition Trigger Kit. Available with either a black or red anodized flat-faced trigger, that is adjustable for over-travel, the kit is a significant performance upgrade for one of the most popular .22LR handguns on the market.

Apex Trigger Kit installed
The kit includes trigger, sear, and hammer, along with a safety plate that maintains factory safety values.

Designed, tested, and manufactured by Apex to provide an improved, more responsive trigger pull in the Ruger Mk IV pistols, the Competition Trigger Kit replaces the factory trigger, hammer, and sear with Apex components. When installed, the kit lightens the trigger pull weight to approximately 3.0 lbs., reduces over-travel by approximately 80 percent and overall trigger travel by 25 percent, resulting in a lighter, crisper trigger break that is ideal for both the competition and recreational shooter.

Apex trigger from kit
The trigger kit is easy to install and lightens the trigger pull weight to approximately 3.0 pounds and reduces the over-travel by roughly 80 percent and overall trigger travel by 25 percent for a lighter, crisper trigger break.

Features and Specifications

  • Reduces trigger pull to approx. 3.0 lbs
  • Reduces trigger over-travel up to approx. 80 percent
  • Reduces overall travel approx. 25 percent
  • Delivers crisp trigger break
  • Maintains factory safety values
  • Easy To Install
  • Apex Part #: 117-114 (Black), 117-154 (Red)
  • MSRP: $160.00

In the box is an Action Enhanced Trigger, Hammer, and Sear. Also included in each kit is a safety plate that maintains factory safety values, even when put through Apex’s extensive drop-testing process which is conducted from six feet onto concrete. Additionally, in each kit is a magazine safety delete, which when installed, allows the pistol to fire without the magazine inserted. Installing this component is optional, but Apex recommends it be used for competition purposes only.

Apex trigger kits for Ruger Mk IV
Upgrading the trigger in a Ruger Mk IV and Mk IV 22/45 pistols is easier with the Apex Competition trigger Kit.

The Apex Competition Trigger kit is available with an MSRP of $160.

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