An Old Colt and Rare Fuentes: Gun and Cigar Pairing Guide

I love old Colt handguns. 1911s, 1903s, Peacemakers, Pythons… the list can go on. There is just something about the designs and workmanship on these old guns. The feel of American steel in your hand, the history these firearms have seen, and some of them have even been a part of changing it, are all there in spades with these old handguns — this 1913 Colt 1911 is a perfect example of old Colt gravitas and history. This will no more be a “typical” Colt 1911 review than the Opus X is just a stogie.

Fuente Opux X and a Colt 1911
Fuente Fuente Opus X and a Colt 1911. The cigars from left to right: LBMF, Chili Pepper, and LBMF.

1913 Colt 1911

The old Colt in these photos is 107 years old. She started life in the Colt Factory in 1913 as a Commercial model, meaning it was for civilian sale. It was around this time that the Argentina Navy had a couple of battleships built here in the US. They also chose to outfit their arms lockers with American small arms. This old Colt was one of these. Colt roll-marked the slide “Marina Argentina” and off she went off to sail the seven seas.

1913 Colt 1911: made in the USA and shipped to Argentina. Goes very well with an Opus X cigar.
Close up of roll mark; more at Guns America review (q.v.).

There’s even a wee little loop on the bottom of the original mag, so you could tether it to you (or to the gun). Mags are hard to find on the high seas.

Colt 1911 magazine and Opus X cigar.
Opus X cigar and Colt 1911 magazine. An excellent match.

Not here. We have plenty of 1911 magazines: including Colt mags. in several calibers.

Skip ahead to about 2006 and she shows up in a Pawn Shop in northern Nevada, about as far for the sea as you can get. At some point along the journey, she was Parkerized. But many of the original parts remained and they all sported the inspector stamps from when she was conscripted into the Argentina Navy. A few years back I sent her off to Turnbull to be redone in her original finish. She now looks and shoots like the day she was born.

⬇️ More below some mag suggestions. ⬇️

Colt 1911 officers model .45 ACP magazines
Colt 1911 officers model/DFM .45 ACP magazines (steel, 7-round capacity); Arturo Fuente cigars not included.


GI mags: Colt 1911 in steel
GI mags: Colt 1911 45 (steel, 7-round capacity); check on ’em in the warehouse.


1911 10 round magazine
Want to go a little more contemporary and + up your round count? Take a look a the ProMag 1911 10 round magazine.

What to Smoke?

Fuente Fuente Opus X

A special gun like this deserves a special cigar and they don’t get a whole lot more special than a Fuente Fuente Opus X. As rare as regular Opus X cigars are, the ones here are even rarer. You are looking at Opus X BBMF (Big Bad Mother…), LBMF (Little Bad Mother…), and a Chili Pepper.

Opus X and a Colt 1911 "Prancing Pony".
Fuente Fuente Opus X and a Colt 1911 “Prancing Pony”.

These special shapes are not typically found in stores but are used by the Fuente Family as fundraisers for charity or are given as gifts.

Arturo Fuente: author at the Chateu de Fuente in Dominican Republic.
“Arthur Fuente” at home with Arturo Fuente: author standing in a tobacco curing barn at Chateau de la Fuente in the Dominican Republic.

Shooting Notes: Like stepping back in time. She handles like you expect a venerable 1911 to handle, but there is just something special about it when you pull the trigger.

Tasting Notes: Rich, full-bodied cigars with a good amount of peppery spice, cedar and leather with hints of cinnamon.

Fuente Opux X and a Colt 1911
A rare Fuente Opus X and a restored 1913 Colt 1911: not at all what you might expect from a Colt 1911 review and cigar pairing.
1913 Colt 1911 after treatment by Turnbull Restoration
Author’s 1913 Colt 1911 after treatment by Turnbull Restoration.
Arthur Fuerte is a professional tobacconist with a penchant for mid-century militaria. He knows his way around the cigar parings, single-malts, and classic American firearms.


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