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Welcome to the GunMag Warehouse Ammunition Depot. We’ve decided to keep an on-going list of all the new ammunition releases in 2019. The newest releases are at the top, and if you want to know about a specific brand, click on the company name you’re looking for.

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New Ammunition

The latest to ammunition depot.


Active Duty™ – MHS Training Ammo

September ammunition depot, 2019.

Ammunition Depot - Winchester Active Duty MHS Training Ammunition

Consumers can now use the same product selected by the US Military for their training needs.

From Winchester:

Winchester proudly developed M1152 to serve alongside the U.S. Warfighter and was selected as the sole source ammunition supplier for the United States Army Modular Handgun System (MHS) Program. Consumers can now use the same product selected by the US Military for their training needs.

Winchester Active Duty M1152 Ball ammunition utilizes a 115-grain flat nose FMJ and military-grade primer to deliver the accuracy and reliability required by the MHS program. Active Duty™ will be available in various pack sizes, including 100 rounds and 150 rounds.

CCI Ammunition

Clean-22 Pink

October- CCI just announced the release of their new ultra-clean 22 LR rounds. In support of the search for a cure for breast cancer, the bullets are coated in pink polymer and a portion of the proceeds from each box sold goes directly toward the effort to find a cure.

ammunition depot - CCI Clean Pink 22 LR

This new product will keep your rimfire running cleaner and helps in the fight of breast cancer.

From CCI:

Like other Clean-22 loads, its exclusive polymer bullet coating greatly reduces copper and lead fouling in the barrel—without leaving a residue. It also cuts lead buildup in suppressors 60 to 80 percent and comes in a 400-round bulk bottle that’s perfect for long days at the range. With dependable CCI priming and consistent propellant, Clean-22 Pink provides flawless cycling through semi-automatics and all 22 LR firearms.


  • Pink polymer coating greatly reduces lead fouling in the barrel without leaving residue
  • Cuts lead buildup in suppressors 60 to 80 percent
  • A portion of the proceeds goes to support the fight against breast cancer
  • 40-grain lead round nose bullets
  • Optimized bullet geometry for improved accuracy
  • Reliable function in semi-automatic firearms
  • Great option both casual and competitive shooters
  • 400-count bulk bottle

Part No. Description MSRP

955CC High Velocity 22 LR 40-grain pink poly LRN, 1235 fps, 400-count $29.95

Quiet-22 Semi-Auto

According to CCI, their new Quiet-22 Semi-Auto is incredibly quiet and ultra-reliable in autoloading rimfires.

Ammunition Depot - CCI Quiet - 22" - Semi-Auto

Image source:

From CCI:

Quiet-22 Semi-Auto drastically reduces the volume of standard 22 LR rounds while cycling flawlessly through semi-automatic rifles and handguns. The accurate, low-velocity loads provide the sensation of shooting through a suppressor—without the suppressor—and are perfect for new shooters, and shooters looking for a reduction in noise.

Features & Benefits
• Flawless cycling through semi-automatic rifles and handguns
• Significant reduction in perceived noise
• Excellent accuracy
• Low velocity at 835 feet per second

Part No. / Description / MSRP
975CC / 22 LR, 45 grain LRN, 835 fps, 50-count / $5.95


.38 Super Comp Major Power Factor Ammunition

August -Eley’s new 124grn bullet has a ‘rimless’ case that is loaded with a Round Nose copper metal jacket. They say it delivers reduced recoil for improved sight picture recovery.

Ammunition Depot - Eley .38 Super Comp Action

ELEY is showcasing this round at the European Handgun Championships in Serbia in September and at the ELEY ammunition Area 59 championship in November.

From Eley:

ELEY Action .38 Super Comp Major has been developed specifically for use in firearms manufactured to handle Major Power Factor ammunition and tested to as far as possible ensure Major Power Factor is achieved. The reference firearm has been the STI DVC Open 2011 competition handgun, designed and manufactured for use with Major Power Factor ammunition. To test your handgun, contact Dan Killough at Killough Shooting Sports, Winters, Texas.


HEVI-Shot Bismuth

August, Environ-Metal announced that it is retiring the Classic Doubles line of shotshells, and replacing it with the HEVI-Bismuth line.

Ammunition Depot - Hevi-Bismuth

Image source – Hevi-shot

From ENVIRON-Metal:

HEVI-Bismuth™ comes in waterfowl and upland game shotshells, and offers these features and benefits:

  • 100% nontoxic bismuth pellets at 9.6 g/cc density (22% denser than steel)
  • With a Vickers hardness of 7, bismuth shot is as safe for all shotgun barrels as lead
  • With high charge weights and robust velocities, these are terrific hunting shotshells with substantial downrange lethality. Shoot one size larger than lead and re-live the lead days!
  • HEVI-Bismuth™ comes in every gauge from 10-ga to .410-ga

To summarize, when you chamber a new HEVI-Bismuth shotshell, you will experience:

  • More lethality at longer range than you can get with steel alone, or any HEVI-Shot® products except HEVI-X® and HEVI-Shot®
  • A gauge and charge weight for every wing shooter, from 410-gauge to 10-gauge
  • Fewer wounded birds
  • More reliable gun function in semi-automatic shotguns
  • Improved cold-weather performance
  • Nontoxic shotshells safe for use in any shotgun

Online at:

Federal Ammunition

224 Valkyrie Loads

August, Federal released two new flat-shooting Premium 224 Valkyrie loads that deliver precision accuracy at long ranges.

Ammunition Depot - Federal Premium 224 Valkyrie

From Federal:

“The 224 Valkyrie cartridge’s dramatically improved trajectories over all other MSR 15 cartridges, including the 22 Nosler, 223 Rem. and 6.5 Grendel—with less recoil of larger cartridges offering comparable ballistics, such as the 6.5 Creedmoor,” said Federal Centerfire Product Director Mike Holm. “And with the full array of high-performance projectiles available, it’s poised to deliver on virtually every shooter’s needs. For those looking for something new, different and better from their AR-15 platform, the 224 Valkyrie is it.”


• New Berger Hybrid and Barnes TSX bullet offerings
• Least wind drift and drop in the category
• Significantly less recoil than other cartridges with comparable ballistics
• Better ballistic performance than any other MSR 15 cartridge
• Superb accuracy and extreme long-range performance in bolt-action rifles

Part No. / Description / MSRP
GM224VLKBH2 / 224 Valkyrie 80.5 grain Gold Medal Berger Hybrid / $32.95
P224VLKBTSX1 / 224 Valkyrie 78 grain Barnes TSX / $35.95

Syntech PCC

August, Federal announced the new Syntech PCC 9mm Luger load, designed for Pistol Caliber Carbine competitions.

Ammunition Depo - Federal Syntech PCC ammo 9mm Luger

This ammo is designed to meet fast-paced Pistol Caliber Carbine competition demands.

From Federal:

The load’s velocity and accuracy are optimized for long gun-barrel lengths, with a bullet profile that provides excellent accuracy and reliable feeding in a variety of carbine platforms. Syntech PCC joins the Syntech Action Pistol offering as official ammunition of United States Practical Shooting Association (USPSA).

“Syntech PCC is offered in 9mm Luger 130-grain is all about having a better shooting experience when shooting a pistol cartridge, historically speaking, through a rifle platform,” said Federal Centerfire Product Director Mike Holm. “With Syntech, you naturally have it—more features of what all shooters want, and less of what you don’t.”


  • 9mm Luger load specifically designed for use in carbines
  • Velocities optimized for longer barrels
  • Bullet profile designed for reliable feeding in carbine platforms
  • Catalyst high-performance lead-free primer
  • Total Synthetic Jacket prevents metal fouling
  • Drastically reduces barrel heat and friction
  • Minimizes splash-back on hard targets

Upland Steel Loads

August ammunition Depot: Federal has announced their new Upland Steel loads, available in 12- and 20-gauge. These loads are non-lead shot, which is for doves and other light upland game.

Ammunition Depot - Federal


  • Quality steel payloads
  • High velocities
  • Reliable performance
  • Priced for fast-paced, high-volume dove hunts and other upland game

Part No. / Description / MSRP

USH12 6 / 12 gauge 2 3/4 inch 1 1/8 ounce, 6, 1400 fps, 25-count / $9.95

USH12 7.5 / 12 gauge 2 3/4 inch 1 1/8 ounce, 7.5, 1400 fps, 25-count / $9.95

USH20 6 / 20 gauge 2 3/4 inch ¾ ounce, 6, 1500 fps, 25-count / $8.95

USH20 7.5 / 20 gauge 2 3/4 inch ¾ ounce, 7.5, 1500 fps, 25-count / $8.95


Shorty Shotshells

August. Federal’s new shotshells are short, but they say they offer similar full-sized performance as standard shells.

Ammunition Depot - Federal Shorty Shotshells

Federal Shorty Shotshells

From Federal:

Great things really do come in small packages. Although just 1 ¾-inch long, new Shorty shotshells offer similar patterns, energy and accuracy as full-size counterparts. Now available in 8 shot, 4 buck and rifled slug loads perfect for fun at the range.

• 12-gauge 1 ¾-inch shells
• Similar overall performance to full-size counterparts
• Available in 8 shot, No. 4 buck and rifled slug loads

Part No. / Description / MSRP
SH129 4B / Shorty 12 gauge 1 ¾-inch 4 buck, 1200 fps, 10-count / $11.95
SH129 RS / Shorty 12 gauge 1 ¾-inch rifled slug, 1200 fps, 10-count / $11.95
SH129 8 / Shorty 12 gauge 1 ¾-inch No. 8 shot, 1145 fps, 10-count / $5.95

Federal Premium – Gold Dot G2 – Force on Force Chosen by LAPD

August, The LAPD recently announced it has chosen some new ammunition for use an duty.

They chose Federal Premium for multiple firearms platforms, including 45 Auto, 308 Win, and 12-ga duty requirements. The contract begins immediately with up to seven option years.

From Federal:

“Federal Premium is proud to provide the men and women of the LAPD with the highest quality duty ammunition,” said Jason Vanderbrink, president of Federal. “At Federal Premium Law Enforcement, we understand that officer safety is paramount, and that’s why we have developed a full line of LE ammunition, with options for every department and every situation”

6.5 Creedmoor, 6.5 Grendel Added to Premium Unprimed Brass Lineup

Federal expanded its line of unprimed brass to include these new cases.

Ammunition Depot - Federal Ammunition - 6.5 Creedmoor and 6.5 Grendel

Federal Ammunition – 6.5 Creedmoor and 6.5 Grendel

Features & Benefits:

• New 6.5 Grendel and 6.5 Creedmoor unprimed cases

• Industry’s best brass

• Precise dimensional tolerances ensure peak accuracy

• Consistent volumes and performance

• Case shoulders and necks are annealed for long life and easier resizing

Part No. / Description / MSRP

PR65GDLUPB50 / 6.5 Grendel, 50-count / $24.95

PR65CRDUPB50 / 6.5 Creedmoor, 50-count / $23.95

An ooooold ammunition depot in Nebraska.

A sign on the wall in an old ammunition depot, Hastings NE.

Force on Force

Chosen by LAPD


The LAPD recently chose Force on Force marking rounds for training use by its approximately 10,000 officers.

Gun News - LAPD selects Force on Force Marking Rounds for training.

Image source: Force on Force

From Force on Force:

Force on Force marker rounds boast superior performance, signature marking, and reliable function. Unlike other products on the market, Force on Force training ammunition is lead-free and safe for indoor use. Our special marking agent has an extended shelf-life and leaves a distinctive machine washable mark on target, with lead-free priming making it safe for indoor use.

An ammo dump in Libya

Some ammo depots are better than others…



Since PCC’s are gaining in popularity, Norma has responded to the demand for an improved target load for training and competition by releasing ENVY.

Ammunition Depot - Norma Envy 9mm PCC.

From Norma:

“ENVY is the choice ammunition for extrapolating the utmost accuracy out of a pistol caliber carbine,” said Paul Lemke, General Manager for RUAG Ammotec USA. “The growing popularity of PCC’s extends out to both competition matches and just general fun at the range. When you can now expect groups of less than an inch at 50 yards, ENVY makes shooting PCC’s that much more fun.”

Norma ENVY 9mm features a 124gr FMJ projectile with a muzzle velocity of 1345 feet per second. The MSRP for a 50-round box is $13.01.


From Norma:

It separates itself from the field with extreme accuracy and terminal performance at all distances. BONDSTRIKE’s performance on game is impressive to witness. From the venerable 308 Win to the powerful 300 Win Mag, the bullet delivers.

Hunters have used this with great success on everything from running moose in Sweden to baited hogs in Texas. Long-range expansion and knockdown power stopped a large moose with a single shot.

Tough construction kept the bullet intact inside 100 yards on a big old boar. Be sure you try it yourself. Near or far, we know you’ll come to trust BONDSTRIKE.

Ammunition Depot - Norma BONDSTRIKE

BONDSTRIKE features a combination of streamlined polymer tip and match style boat tail for great accuracy.

Feature Benefits:

  • Advanced long-range hunting bullet for medium and large game
  • A winning combination of streamlined polymer tip and match style boat tail
  • Unique bonding technology and state of the art design
  • Extreme accuracy and terminal performance at all distances

Monolithic Hollow Point (MHPP)

Ammunition Depot - Norma MHP

All copper bullet with massive expansion and stopping power.

Feature benefits:

  • Optimized load for reliable performance in all barrel lengths
  • One of the most expanding 9mm bullets in the world
  • Designed for reliable feeding out of pistols and pistol caliber carbines
  • Cold formed monolithic copper metal construction for extreme terminal performance
  • Extremely consistent penetration and expansion in gelatin and clear ballistics

Hexagon High-Performance Competition Ammunition

January, Norma relased the Hexagon, available in 9mm, 357 Mag, and 45 Auto.

Norma HEXAGON ammunition

Norma HEXAGON High-Performance Competition Ammunition

From Norma:

Featuring a unique, HEXAGON bullet design and an aerodynamic shape with six stabilizing grooves, HEXAGON delivers maximum accuracy and performance. It’s also loaded with high-performance powders for extremely consistent velocities with each and every round.

“In an era where firearms manufacturers are advancing the accuracy capabilities of modern handguns year after year, our mission has been to deliver a line of match grade handgun ammunition that brings out their maximum performance,” said Paul Lemke, General Manager for RUAG Ammotec USA. “With HEXAGON, we’ve achieved this goal hands down. In our testing, groups of one inch or less at 25 years is now a realistic expectation when using HEXAGON ammunition.”

SIG SAUER Ammunition

Elite Hunter Tipped Ammunition

August ammunition depot, 2019 Sig Sauer’s new tipped ammunition is a lead-alloy bullet with a yellow tip and boat-tail design.

Ammunition Depot - Sig Sauer Elite Hunter Tipped Ammunition

Available in 8 different loads

From Sig Sauer:

The exclusive design of the concentric, blackened jacket ensures reliable, controlled expansion of the bullet with maximum weight retention. The translucent yellow tip increases the ballistic coefficient while improving terminal performance and aiding in consistent, reliable chambering.

“Our new Elite Hunter Tipped line of premium rifle ammunition is designed and engineered to be a devastating game load with exceptional long-range accuracy and performance,” said Brad Criner, Senior Director, Brand Management and Business Development, Sig Sauer Ammunition. “SIG Elite Hunter Tipped ammunition delivers superior downrange energy and massive expansion for a clean kill whether you are hunting whitetail, mule deer, antelope, elk, predators or a variety of other game species.”

120gr Supersonic 300BLK SBR Elite Copper Duty Ammunition for Short Barrel Rifles

Sig Sauer just announced this new ammunition, now available for the commercial market. It is engineered for 1.8x expansion and superior feeding out of rifles with sub-9-inch barrels

Ammunition Depot - Sig Sauer SBR Elite Copper Duty Ammunition for Short Barrel Rifles

Sig Sauer Supersonic duty round, SBR Elite Copper Duty ammunition. Image source: Sig Sauer

From Sig Sauer:

The supersonic SBR Elite Copper Duty ammunition features an all-copper bullet and black oxide shell case to visually denote SBR capability. Velocity is 1,897 fps with muzzle energy of 959 ft-lbs out of a 6 ¾-inch barrel.

“The new 120gr supersonic SBR Elite Copper Duty ammunition delivers the highest terminal performance possible in short barrel AR-style rifles, something the professional community has been asking us to provide,” said Brad Criner, Senior Director, Brand Management and Business Development, SIG SAUER Ammunition. “Our various SIG Elite 300BLK ammunition loadings have been well received by match shooters, hunters, and law enforcement and government agencies, and there will be more exciting 300BLK offerings from SIG in the weeks to come.”

SIG Elite Copper Duty ammunition uses flash-reduced propellant to minimize visible signature while shooting in low-light situations. Premium-quality primers are also used to minimize variations in velocity.

Speer Ammo

In August, the LAPD chose Speer Gold Dot G2 ammunition to be the new duty round for 9mm Luger and 40 S&W.

From Speer:

Speer Gold Dot G2 offers the ultimate performance in duty ammunition, thanks to an exclusive nose design. Instead of a large hollow-point cavity, Gold Dot G2 has a shallow dish filled with a high-performance elastomer. On impact, the material is forced into engineered internal fissures to start the expansion process. The result is extremely uniform expansion, better separation of the petals, and more consistent penetration across barrier types through duty handguns.

This video from Speer demonstrates G2 design and performance:

Impact Component Bullets 

July ammunition depot, Speer introduced the new Impact Component Bullets.

Speer - Impact Component

Speer Impact Component Bullets – take your hunts and handloads farther than you ever thought possible.

From Speer:

The new Speer Impact bullet, available in three great calibers, blends tough, molecularly bonded construction with a high ballistic coefficient. Its groundbreaking Slipstream polymer tip provides a perfect aerodynamic meplat, and its hollow core initiates expansion at velocities 200 fps lower than comparable designs. The combination results in deep penetration at mid-range, as well as extreme accuracy and consistent low-velocity expansion at long distances.

Features & Benefits

  • Molecularly fused jacket maximizes weight retention and improves accuracy
  • Slipstream polymer tip increases downrange energy and initiates low-velocity expansion
  • High ballistic coefficients for flatter trajectories and better long-range performance
  • Close-range penetration and long-distance expansion
  • Competitively priced

Starline Brass

.350 Legend from Starline

July ammunition depot, 2019 Starline Brass just added the .350 Legend to their lineup of rifle brass.

Starline Brass .350 Legend - 5X5 gun news

Introduced by Winchester, approved by SAAMI January of 2019, the .350 Legend is a brand new cartridge that has no parent case.

According to Starline:

…this tapered case has a rebated rim allowing it to utilize the standard .223 bolt face found on many common rifles including the AR-15. Like many other AR cartridges, the .350 Legend only requires changing the barrel and magazine. This cartridge’s allure is that it can be used for hunting in several states that allow straight-wall rifle cartridges only, but doesn’t have near the recoil of other AR cartridges that fill this niche. Utilizing .355” diameter bullets, the .350 Legend is capable of impressive ballistics, without a lot of recoil.

300 HAM’R

Ammunition Depot - Starline Brass 300 HAM'R

Bullets in the 110-150 grain range are optimal for the 300 HAM’R and deliver excellent accuracy.

From Starline:

Originally named the .30-30 AR, the 300 HAM’R was developed by Bill Wilson in his search for improved terminal performance in the AR-15 platform while still utilizing the standard 5.56 bolt carrier group. The 300 HAM’R® has a substantial velocity and energy advantage over calibers such as the 300 Blackout and 7.63×39 which gives it 30-30 performance out of the AR-15. Bullets in the 110-150 grain range are optimal for the 300 HAM’R® and deliver excellent accuracy. With proper bullet selection, you have a firearm with excellent terminal performance in a low recoiling package that hits well above its weight class. This cartridge has been used extensively for hog and deer hunting and has even been used in Africa for plains game. Hodgdon CFE BLK powder gives excellent velocity and low pressures in this cartridge.


Active Duty™ – MHS Training Ammo

September ammunition depot, 2019.

Ammunition Depot - Winchester Active Duty MHS Training Ammunition

Consumers can now use the same product selected by the US Military for their training needs.

From Winchester:

Winchester proudly developed M1152 to serve alongside the U.S. Warfighter and was selected as the sole source ammunition supplier for the United States Army Modular Handgun System (MHS) Program. Consumers can now use the same product selected by the US Military for their training needs.

Winchester Active Duty M1152 Ball ammunition utilizes a 115-grain flat nose FMJ and military-grade primer to deliver the accuracy and reliability required by the MHS program. Active Duty™ will be available in various pack sizes, including 100 rounds and 150 rounds.


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