Amend2 showcases new compact frame for P320 pistols

The SIG P320 is widely known for its versatility when it comes to grip options. SIG Sauer offers a long list of different grip configurations, but perhaps some might find even the smallest option less than ideal for conceal carry. The P365 took the concealed carry market by storm with its compact size and larger-than-most magazine capacity (for its size), but some felt smaller isn’t always better.

With the concealed carry market continuing to demand innovation, Amend2 has taken a different approach to things.

The Amend2 S300 frame on a Sig P320 sub-compact frame.

Behold, The S300.

The S300 is a modular frame that is half P320 and half P365. This allows users to mate up P365 magazines to P320 slides in what amounts to virtually a one-of-a-kind frame. This is intended to reduce the length and width of the weapon when compared to a standard P320, thus making it a much better-sized package for concealed carry. The S300 is made from reinforced nylon polymer which gives it the strength and durability to withstand stress and recoil.

“The P320 has proven itself to be a reliable and popular pistol,” said Matt Bellitti, Amend2 General Manager. “Amend2’s S300 frame will allow P320 owners a whole new level of concealability. Now one handgun can serve an even wider range of roles.”

The S300 uses traditional P320 fire control groups. This allows for both a lower-cost product, as well as a product that can be shipped directly to your door since P320 fire control groups are serialized instead of the frame itself. An added benefit of using a  P320 fire control group is the lower cost. The S300 looks to have a much more wallet-friendly price tag, with Amend2 saying the MSRP will be $49.99, but expecting to see a street price of closer to $39.99.

When asked about compatibility with P365XL mags, Amend2 answered, “It will use any P365 magazine, just needs to have the appropriate spacer.”

Another popular question was if it uses a factory SIG magazine release.

“[It} will ship with a proprietary magazine release,” Amend2 says.

Attendee’s at SHOT Show 2020 will be able to get a first look at the S300 and the Amend2 booth (#3563).

The S300 will be available for purchase from both Amend2 direct, as well as several distributors. Amend2 gives a release date of “mid-2020”.

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