AICS PMAG: the PMAG 10 5.56 AC for Bolt Guns

The PMAG 10 AC 5.56 is an AICS compatible polymer magazine from Magpul designed to address feed difficulties encountered when using small cartridge case calibers in a typical AICS magazine.

Dyeing your Sand PMAG from Magpul with Rit Dye colors: the ultimate guide

<p>Dyeing PMAGs with Rit Dye is an easy way to customize your magazines. Be careful, the colors do not always turn out as you would hope or expect.</p>

Magpul PMAG 40 Review

Looking for a bit more capacity from a reliable magazine? The PMAG 40 may be an ideal option. Here's the skinny on the extended PMAG.

How To Use a Laser Engraver to Customize PMAGs

Customization of guns is a growing industry. New CNC machines and laser technologies are allowing for crisp precision and unlimited personal expression. Check out what a laser engraver can do to a PMAG.

Magpul Dedicated .300blk PMAG Now Available

The shape of 300blk cartridges makes it so they don't stack evenly which creates added pressure and limits capacity. Magpul's gonna fix that.

Emerson Gear PMAC — a PMAG Phone Charger

Emerson Gear makes a PMAG styled power bank to power up your phones. Here's how I modified mine to make a functioning PMAG phone charger.

Sand PMAGs: The Bacon Edition

<p>Someone dyed a Sand PMAG to resemble Bacon.</p>

New PMAG: Magpul Releases 300 blackout magazine

<p>Magpul just announced a dedicated PMAG for .300blk rifles.</p>

Review: Sand PMAGs, Not FDE But a Blank Canvas

<p style="margin-bottom: 0in;">Sand PMAGs are not the same as FDE. They are lighter and do not match Magpul FDE furniture but they are the perfect blank canvas for custom color dyes.</p>

Mag Review: Magpul 20-Round AK PMAGs

<p>Lighweight, affordable and built from the same high-strength polymer as the AR15 magazines that built the company’s name, the AK PMAG is ideal for modern AK enthusiasts. Especially those that wish to purchase a dozen or so and run them hard.</p>

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