1.    They’re available.

This hasn’t always been the case. Those of us who have been shooting for a while remember the big scares after the mass-shootings of 2013. Before that, it was the “Assault Weapons Ban.” Politicians, especially those who are terrified by the sight of a black rifle, associate magazines with body counts. But Republican control has made this a relatively safe time for gun owners. As such, the price is down.

Polymer AK Mags are easy to find now.

2.    They’re dirt cheap

If you look at sites like GunMag Warehouse, you can buy 10 packs of Magpul mags for the AR-15 and for the AK platform for under $100. The availability of the magazines means people aren’t snapping them up. Take it from someone who has literally hit the refresh button over and over, hoping to see even a few PMags come available. Now’s the time to buy. Supply is up because demand is down.

I'd say 20 mags in the minimum for your primary pistol.

3.    You can never have too many.

Let’s assume, for a moment, that you are interested in your future. Are you a prepper? Are you concerned about government overreach? If the answer is even close to a “maybe…” I’d say you need to stock up. For my go-to rifles, I keep 20 mags in regular circulation. I keep another 20 loaded and stored away. And I’ve got more still in their wrappers. Is that overkill? Right now, yes. But if the supply line shuts off, then what? Then you’d think I was a genius.

Hexmags can be color coded.

4.    Competition drives down prices

I’m a big fan of Magpul mags. For a long time, they had no real competition (at least in the polymer category). Now there are numerous others that feature new and innovative upgrades. I love the way my Hexmags allow for color coding.

Mags break. Even the steel ones.

5.    You never know what’s coming

You can fill in this last section however you want. We don't know. It wasn't that long ago that gun owners in this country started cashing in their kids' college savings in order to buy AR-15s. Magazines were scarce.It was December of 2013, right before Christmas, and I was hanging out with the inlaws when a friend called. "Go stock up," he said. I laughed at him.

Luckily we have a hospitable politcal majority, but even that may not last. With prices as low as they are now, I say stock-up.